Coaching to neutralize your triggers quickly and effectively:

A group of international professionals trained in the Logosynthesis® method indicate it is their preferred method because of overall effectiveness, speed of work, ease of use, client comfort and ability to target the issue. If you are interested in new methods to support your personal and leadership development, this powerful method can effectively support your efforts.

Cathy uses the Logosynthesis® method of guided change to support clients to move beyond reactive patterns of behaviour, feelings of pressure and closed thinking. Rather than creating action plans to cope with unwanted feelings or habitual reactions, Cathy works with the client to let go of the triggers to that result in the emotions, thoughts and sensations that cause discomfort. From relieving anxiety to unlocking potential, Cathy works with clients to uncover their unique perceptions that hold them back, often below their level of awareness.

Learn how Cathy’s expertise can support you – in person or online:

Cathy’s curiosity with the Logosynthesis® method has led her to both to learn it for self-coaching and to become a certified Practitioner in Logosynthesis® to support others. From her extensive corporate and volunteer work experience and educational training, she continues to be amazed at the shift people experience through this unique process. Be curious to learn how Cathy’s expertise with Logosynthesis® method can help you build competency and unlock your potential. For an overview, watch a CTV interview where Cathy Caswell discusses Logosynthesis®. The work can be done in person or on line, depending on preference. Contact Cathy to book an appointment and experience the work for yourself.

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