diversity - leadership - caswellDiversity introduces different thoughts, beliefs and attitudes.

Organizations strive to introduce diversity to increase overall effectiveness and deliver results in an ever-changing environment. However, different thoughts, ideas and attitudes upsets work routines and creates discomfort. Employees react.


Reactions can limit organizational effectiveness.

Diversity works when we can neutralize the reactions that derail productivity and prevent alignment to corporate goals. If the goal is to hire diverse perspectives, then there requires a mechanism to allow integration for both the new hire and for those who need to accommodate.


The Logosynthesis® method neutralizes reactions.

Reactive behaviour, by nature, is closed, exclusive and contractive. The Logosynthesis® method is a guided change process which effectively works to identify the reactions, localize the trigger and neutralize the response, thereby creating space for better choices. The work is individual and applicable at all levels of the organization.


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