Contributing to the field of energy psychology:

Logosynthesis® is an energy-based model to support healing and development. In 2018, the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) recognized Dr. Willem Lammers for major contribution to the field of energy psychology. The award was a presented in recognition for his development of Logosynthesis®. Having trained in a number of energy modalities throughout his career, Willem discovered the method in 2005 through an appreciation for and understanding of the importance both science and spirituality. He has been working with a group of international professionals to develop the process and the professional standards to educate through certified training programs. The work is compassionately based in the ability to use the power of words to heal trauma and build competency by restoring the flow of life energy so that it is once again available to support our life purpose. By appreciating spirit as the the user of body and mind, the method works at an individual level to resolve the sensory perceptions that trigger a broad range of symptoms attributed to physical and mental distress.

ACEP Award sets stage for expansion:

The 2018 ACEP Award for major contribution to the field of energy psychology is significant as it recognizes the work of Dr. Lammers and the group of professionals who have contributed significant time, effort and professional expertise to create this quality product. The stage is now set for Logosynthesis® to be tested, researched and shared with a broader community to support the challenges we face in all aspects of life. The product has been incubated through Willem’s guidance to create the Logosynthesis International Association. The perseverance of many dedicated and curious professionals has created a framework to support further growth.

In Switzerland, The Institute for Logosynthesis (Swiss) offers a federal Diploma course for psychosocial counseling in Logosynthesis . In this 3-year training you will learn to accompany clients in crises and life changes on the basis of Logosynthesis. This diploma course is recognized by the Swiss Society for Counseling and by the federal government (completion of a higher professional examination)  .

Learn more about Willem’s work:

The following links connect to Willem’s resources to provide further information on Logosynthesis® both as a beautiful, compassionate philosophy and a powerful, effective technique:

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Learn more about Logosynthesis International Association:

The following links connect to Logosynthesis International Association (LIA). This independant, international non-profit association is responsible for the quality and development of Logosynthesis. For professionals interested in training in the model, LIA outlines the training curriculum and upcoming seminars. LIA also maintains a list of certified Practitioners in Logosynthesis for individuals interested in their own healing and development journey (refer to the tab ‘Professionals’).

Website for Logosynthesis International Association (LIA)

About Logosynthesis International Association (LIA) – YouTube