Working parents manage multiple priorities and demands can feel intense.

Many working parents feel that they can do anything but they can’t do everything. Yet they feel pressure to juggle multiple priorities and excel in everything they do. These feelings can trigger a variety of reactions, which affect important people in their lives: their children; their partner; their boss; their coworkers and more. In many cases, there is no time to keep up with friends and other family members. Their reactions can spark other feelings that get in the way of what is important.

We guide working parents to resolve reactions to feel better.

Working parents feel the pressure of many demands. We feel expectations differently based on our gender, our role at work and our past experiences. Learning how to relieve the pressure can free your energy so that you have a sense of calm and clarity for what is important in your life. Rather than reacting to multiple demands, your energy is available to take meaningful action.

How to get started

Learning to resolve the triggers to reactive behaviour using Logosynthesis can become as routine as many other wellness methods. For deeper issues, it is highly recommended to get support from a professional trained in Logosynthesis. For most people, the challenge is how to get started to gain confidence to use the method. We can help guide you to clear your path so that you can enjoy life more fully and thrive in our times.