A simple plan to thrive!

Healthy living is all about thriving!

1. Attention to self-care.

Healthy living starts with taking care of myself first. This also includes owning my reactions to eliminate triggers to relieve my distress. When change is rapid and demands are urgent, I react and my reactions impact those around me – whether I notice it or not. My self-care is key to healthy living!

2. Supportive environment.

I thrive when I am in a supportive environment – one that challenges me to grow without feeling threatening. My environment is influenced by factors that may not be in my control but it is also influenced by my reaction to it.  I have a responsibility to help create the conditions that support myself and others to thrive.

3. Progress towards goals.

In the definition of thrive, we find words such as flourish, prosper and goals. I have a purpose. I may not always be aware of my purpose. When I focus on self-care and have a supportive environment, I am better able to connect with my goals. I am able to shift beyond resilience to joy – despite my struggles. Healthy living is anchored in purpose.


Our plan is simple:

1. Learn one simple technique.

The Healthy Living Plan® is anchored in one preferred method based on the ability to magically transform feelings of distress to allow individuals to feel peace and calm to better focus on what is important.  

Logosynthesis® is a model for self-coaching and guided change, based on the power of
words and sentences to changer energy fields. (Dr. Willem Lammers, 2020)



2. For individuals and organizations.

Each of us has unique goals, unique experiences and a unique journey. Yet we are all connected. The reactions of one influences the actions of others. When I learn something new on my own, the reactions of others will exert strong force toward pulling me back to the norm. When we learn something new together, we create an environment to be open, curious and creative. We transform the whole organization.

Learning through shared experiences is crucial to creating a thriving organization! Understanding that we all react to change and the pressure of demands is important. We learn to support rather than attack, and the feeling in the group reflects this shift. The distress I feel is resolved when I have the ability to resolve my triggers.  When I resolve my distress first, I am better able to create a space that feels comfortable for others to do their work. It feels better! And given our best results are built together, we learn to thrive!






About Cathy Caswell and The Healthy Living Plan

As a busy, working mom, I recognized that as life got busy and demands increased, my reactions in the moment were not always appropriate. These reactions became repetitive patterns that began to define who I was. I had a desire to do better but I didn’t have a tool.

In 2013, I met my cousin, Willem Lammers, and was introduced to his work – Logosynthesis. I was intrigued and curious how this model that was developed to heal trauma and anxiety could support my efforts to reduce stress in her everyday life. As I learned and began training with professionals, I gained a strong appreciation that the same technique to resolve everyday reactions could be used to relieve highly distressing sensations.

With an MBA and background in dietetics, sales and marketing, I recognized the challenges of changing behaviour despite best intentions. With an open mind and a strong desire to change, I set out to share the innovative approach. I often met resistance but I appreciate that these reactions are also based on the beliefs and conditioning of our society. The Healthy Living Plan is the vehicle to share my personal learnings and to support others to appreciate a transformational approach to wellness.  I also have an author website to start a conversation around my book:   Logosynthesis: Enjoying Life More Fully