How to not let things bother you using Logosynthesis. The Healthy Living Plan

What bothers you?

It can be common for things to bother you in work and life. Demanding workloads. Actions of others. Financial pressure. And the list goes on. You react and this stress often doesn’t fall away easily. These reactive patterns can become associated with your personality and they can wear you down.

“She is a nervous person.” “He is an asshole. He’s so aggressive.” “They are such hard workers.”

The bad news is that it is common to not even pay attention to what bothers you. The good news is that you no longer need to stay suck and let the things that bother you, define you.

Research shows a connection between mental imagery and emotions.

Research shows that thoughts, emotions and physical sensations are linked to mental imagery. Bring to mind a relaxing image of the beach with the sound of the waves and the smell of the salt air and you may find yourself feeling calm and relaxed. Revisit the scene of a car accident in your mind with the sound of the crash and the image of the impact and you can re-experience the distressing emotions and sensations.

We now know how to shift the energy in distressing mental imagery for immediate and lasting relief. Logosynthesis offers a structured, repeatable technique to identify and neutralize the sensory representations that are associated with emotional distress. You can use the guided video below to experience what can shift in this process. It can take practice and as with any technique, getting support from a trained professional will lead to better results.

A 5-step plan for resolve stressful, reactive patterns for healthy living.

We all experience stressful mental imagery but we don’t need to stay stuck in stressful, reactive patterns. The Healthy Living Plan offers a five step plan to guide you to identify and neutralize the underlying stress triggers that bother you in everyday life. By paying attention to your reactions and shifting the energy in the triggering mental imagery, you can move forward with more ease and clarity. The five steps highlighted are outlined more fully in my book ‘Thriving in our times: From reactions to action using Logosynthesis’ (Caswell, 2020):

  1. The Vision: Start by connecting what is meaningful to you
  2. The Blocks: Identify what gets in the way
  3. The Triggers: Use the guided video below to resolve the underlying triggers
  4. The Action: Identify steps to move forward
  5. The Flow: Adopt this process to use routinely for meaningful action

Get started with The Healthy Living Plan .

The Healthy Living Plan is outlined more fully in my book ‘Thriving in our times: From reactions to action using Logosynthesis’ (Caswell, 2020)

These patterns don’t fall away on their own. They often become more rigid over time. We relate these reactive patterns to personality.

“She is a nervous person.” “He is an asshole. He’s so aggressive.” “They are such hard workers.”

You don’t need to let these patterns define you, especially unwanted descriptions. The “Essence: Unlock Potential” App is a remote coaching app that guides you to release your stress triggers so that you can let go of what bothers you – one layer at a time. Some things you will be able to resolve on your own using the guided videos. When you can’t seem to get to the trigger, you can access 1-1 coaching support to guide you to the underlying issue. When the trigger shifts, you will shift the patterns to sense a greater sense of ease and calm. You will let go what bothers you.

Use this guided exercise to get started now!

You can use the Logosynthesis Basic Procedure so that things don’t bother you. Use the guided video below to address a specific issue that is currently bothering you, especially something that is not too distressing to start. Firstly, grab a glass of water and find a quiet place. Allow at least 30 minutes so you are not rushed. Finally, take time to notice what shifts in the days after the exercise. Energy shifts can be subtle or intense, however often times issues can fall away without even being aware of the change.