About Why Logosynthesis Works Podcast

Why Logosynthesis Works is a podcast that explores the transformative power of Logosynthesis. I’m your host, Cathy Caswell, a Master Practitioner in Logosynthesis. In each episode, I’ll be talking with a professional therapist, counsellor, or coach who has experienced the profound benefits of working with Logosynthesis. The people I interview have experience using Logosynthesis in their own life and in their work with their clients.

Join us as we explore the reasons why Logosynthesis works and discover how it can benefit your own healing and personal growth to unlock your potential in work and life.

Episode 1: Creating flow in work and life using Logosynthesis

Olga Teunis (Netherlands) is a career coach who supports people in their career and personal development to experience relief from issues such as stress and burnout.

Episode 2: Healing trauma among active military members using Logosynthesis

Shanda Woodin, MSW, RSW (Canada) is a clinical social worker in private practice. Shanda predominantly supports active military members and veterans heal from trauma.

Episode 3: Healing chronic pain and fibromyalgia using Logosynthesis

Kulji Kaur Semhi (United Kingdom), an optometrist turned wellness coach. Kuljit describes her work to help people find relief from chronic pain, fibromyalgia, anxiety and trauma. 

Episode 4: Resolving limiting beliefs using Logosynthesis

Heather Day (United Kingdom) is a coach with a focus on guiding clients through career and life transitions, especially during these times of change and uncertainty.

Episode 5: Relieving fear, anxiety and frustration using Logosynthesis

Alan Rojas Yacolca (Peru) is an energy therapist, coach and educator who supports people in their healing journey across a wide variety of issues.

Episode 6: Healing burnout and trauma using Logosynthesis

Tina Bončina (Slovenia) is a physician, psychotherapist and trainer who supports people healing from burnout, trauma, long Covid and other chronic issues.

Episode 7: Developing parenting skills using Logosynthesis

Allen O’Donoghue (Ireland), a professional coach, trainer and facilitator describes his work in supporting youth and family development, including guiding parents in developing parenting skills.

Episode 8: Healing traumatic experiences using Logosynthesis

Ineke Kersten (Netherlands) is a medical psychologist working with cardiac and oncology patients. She also works in private practice as a psychologist to guide people in personal growth.

Episode 9: Developing humancentric leadership using Logosynthesis

Pamela Ann Burkhalter (Switzerland) is an International Leadership Coach who supports leaders in organizations to be more conscious, centered, and connected. This supports creating a purpose-driven and people-centric workplace.

Episode 10: Moving beyond PTSD and trauma using Logosynthesis

Johan Reinhoudt (Netherlands) is the founder of PTSS Voorbij (Beyond PTSD), developer of True Result™ PTSD and Trauma Recovery Coaching and a specialized PTSD Recovery Coach.

Episode 11: A Logosynthesis perspective on Russia’s war with Ukraine

Dr. Willem Lammers (Switzerland) is the founder of Logosynthesis. As a psychologist, psychotherapist and trainer, he offers his perspective on the intense trauma and human suffering and the immense will to protect freedoms.

Episode 12: Relieving earthquake-related PTSD using Logosynthesis

Anni Reynolds (Australia) and Kate Strong (New Zealand) share how they worked in a therapist-client relationship. They used Logosynthesis to resolve the memories that were keeping Kate stuck after the New Zealand earthquakes.

Episode 13: Supporting self-care for healing professionals using Logosynthesis

Dr. Lori Hops (United States) is a DCEP Licensed Psychologist. She describes how Logosynthesis can be integrated with other treatment modalities to work with more than the mind & behaviours, but also the body & energy systems.

Episode 14: Resolving imposter syndrome using Logosynthesis

Harriet Andriessen (Belgium) is a coach and offers how Logosynthesis can resolve issues related to beliefs, confidence, self-worth & imposter syndrome. This offers an increased sense of clarity for what is important in life.

Episode 15: A human dimension for healthcare using Logosynthesis

Mary Leckie (Scotland) is a counsellor and therapist and in this podcast, she describes how Logosynthesis can support the important human dimension to healthcare.

Episode 16: Relieving toxic stress and anxiety using Logosynthesis

Dr. Laurie Weiss (United States) is a psychotherapist, coach and trainer. She describes what makes Logosynthesis unique from other models and how you can start to use it right away.

Episode 17: Supporting social connections using Logosynthesis

Ulrike Scheuermann (Germany), a psychologist and author, discusses her most recent book on the importance of social connections and how Logosynthesis supports social connections and health.

Episode 18: Healing grief and loss using Logosynthesis

Astrid Klein Lankhorst (Netherlands) is a therapist who guides people in their healing process to relieve their suffering and support their personal growth.

Episode 19: Supporting personal energy management using Logosynthesis

Monika Koller Schinca (Switzerland) is a coach who guides individuals to use Logosynthesis to manage their energy and feel better in their everyday lives.

Episode 20: Supporting leadership development using Logosynthesis

Steve Quinn (Scotland) is an executive coach who guides leaders to use Logosynthesis to resolve the blocks that are keeping them stuck and getting in the way of their career development.

Episode 21: Unleashing the inspiring leader within using Logosynthesis

Regina Thiergardt (Switzerland) is an executive coach who works with leaders at different stages in their careers so that they are better able to tap into their potential by connecting with their vision and resolving what gets in the way.

Episode 22: Relieving fear of bedtime monsters using Logosynthesis

Myriam Nordemann (Italy) is a parental counsellor who guides parents and children to use Logosynthesis to find more ease in their lives, including relieving the common fears of bedtime monsters.

Episode 23: Personal and professional development using Logosynthesis

Christin Aannerud (Switzerland) is a coach and trainer who trains professionals for certification in Logosynthesis to support their professional self-care and work with clients.

Episode 24: Coaching for excellence using Logosynthesis

Heike Rudolf von Rohr (Switzerland) is an executive coach who uses Logosynthesis to guides executives, leaders and professionals who are looking to reduce stress and unlock their potential in work and life.

Episode 25: Leading from Essence using Logosynthesis

Tonja Bruckhaus (Germany) is a coach, mentor and trainer who uses Logosynthesis in government departments, organizations and associations to guide individuals to let go of fear to demonstrate greater peace and presence.

Episode 26: Exploring possibilities using Logosynthesis

Nancy Porter Steele (Canada), a retired psychotherapist, describes how she became interested in Logosynthesis and why she asked Willem Lammers to come to Canada in the early years to offer professional training.

Episode 27: Healing distressing mental imagery using Logosynthesis

Sandi Kofol (Slovenia), a psychologist, psychotherapist and certified Practitioner in Logosynthesis, discusses why and how he uses Logosynthesis to relieve issues related emotional distress through shifting mental imagery.

Episode 28: Connecting to purpose using Logosynthesis

Gereon Ingendaay (Germany), a transformational coach, discusses how he integrates Logosynthesis with other guided change models for his own personal work and in working with clients, including a powerful personal example.

Episode 29: Cancer Opportunities: Supporting healing using Logosynthesis

Jannie Douma-Rispens (Netherlands), a psychosocial counsellor, discusses how she used Logosynthesis to guide her personal cancer healing journey and how the model can be used to support cancer care.

Episode 30: About Logosynthesis International Association

Ernst Aebi and Rita Meier discuss their roles at Logosynthesis International Association and how this organization is supporting professional training and certification to assure quality and development of the model.

Episode 31: Introducing energy therapy to heal trauma in Africa

Iwowarri Berrian James discusses the importance of his work as a pioneer in introducing energy healing treatments in Africa, based on his training through the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology.

Episode 32: Researching Efficacy of Logosynthesis to heal PTSD symptoms

Malou Beltran Salanguit discusses her published, peer-reviewed research on the “Efficacy of Logosynthesis in Reducing PTSD Symptoms and Distress among Adults with Adverse Childhood Experiences”

Episode 33: Empowering your Magnificence using Logosynthesis

Patricia Lindner discusses personal experiences and coaching examples about why and how Logosynthesis has been transformational to peel away the layers that get in the way of seeing our magnificence.

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