Logosynthesis Training

Training & Logosynthesis International Association

Logosynthesis is a certified psychotherapeutic and coaching model which supports healing and development. The Logosynthesis International Association (LIA) is an international, non-profit association that is responsible for quality, training and certification. Importantly, certification of professionals is based on the completion of a published training curriculum.

Logosynthesis certification for professionals.

Psychotherapists, counsellors, coaches and other professionals in guided change can become certified as Practitioners in Logosynthesis. Certification is based on completing a training curriculum, as outlined by LIA. Also, the seminars and supervision are offered by certified Trainers in Logosynthesis. Details for the professional training curriculum can be found in the link below.

Also, for an overview of Logosynthesis prior to starting professional training, Logosynthesis 101: A Self-Coaching Seminar is a great place to get started. The course offers an overview of the theory along with demos and guided exercises to experience the Logosynthesis Basic Procedure. Further details for this course are provided under Logosynthesis training for personal use below.

Logosynthesis training for personal use.

Logosynthesis can also be learned for personal use. The focus at The Healthy Living Plan is to support individuals who are interested in learning to use Logosynthesis for healthier living. Whether you are a psychotherapist, counsellor, coach or interested individual, we offer the Logosynthesis 101 as an important foundational course. Additionally, we offer courses and resources to teach you to use Logosynthesis to empower you to reduce stress, feel better and unlock your potential in work and life.