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Many people work hard to make a difference … in their work, in their family and in their community. And yet it is easy to get stuck in stressful patterns that get in the way of what is important. This app allows you to learn a healthy lifestyle practice to let go of stressful patterns so that your energy is available for what matters most. 

In 2015, my workplace went through dramatic change, with mass layoffs and systems change. This was also a busy time in my personal life. Using Logosynthesis, I was able to shift many reactive patterns so that I could feel more calm in the chaos. I was better able to focus on what was important in my job and in everyday life. I started guiding others to let go of things that bothered them. After six years of training, I am now certified as a Master Practitioner and Instructor in Logosynthesis® and I have designed an app to guide others to feel more ease and clarity in their everyday life.

I can guide you to eliminate your stress triggers to reduce stress, feel better and unlock your potential! Whether you are dealing with the pressure of life’s routine demands or you are looking to heal trauma and anxiety, this model offers a solution. In these challenging and uncertain times, you can let go of the inevitable stress without letting go of what is important. You don’t need to wait for someone else to make your health a priority – you can get started now!

The “Unlock Potential!” Program has helped me create efficiency in my work, with less ‘fussing around’, more focus and better boundaries. The program is a wealth of resources! It is now a reference for me. I know it’s there: if I need it and when I need it. It is truly very well structured and all very, very relevant to use both at work and at home.
– Claire Brulé – International Business Partner & Coach

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I offer app-based and online coaching in an accessible format to suit your lifestyle. You can get started with free content by downloading the ‘Essence: Unlock Potential’ App on the App Store or Google Play. 

Your plan. Your schedule. Your health.

You don’t need to wait to start eliminating the stress triggers that get in the way of your healthy living. You can use the ‘Enjoy Life Kick Off!’ guided videos in the App for free. Coaching can help you realize better target issues to notice results.

The most prevalent feeling is being so much more in flow. Things are more fluid and unfolding easier at work.

– Denise –