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In my books, I share my personal experience and professional development using Logosynthesis. As a busy working mom, I used it to resolve what bothered me and I guided others to support them in their everyday lives. What I have discovered is that reactive issues fell away to create a sense of ease and clarity to take action. Whether dealing with the pressure of life’s demands or looking to process trauma and anxiety, one method can be learned to shift the energy to feel better. In these challenging and uncertain times, we all benefit when we learn to recognize and resolve our reactions to create a supportive place where we all can thrive.

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Whether you want to figure it out on your own or you want a coach to guide you to resolve what gets in the way, we can help. Self-coaching, guided exercises, group coaching and 1-1 coaching are all options when working with the Essence App. For most people, a combination of these approaches offers. If you are interested in exploring whether we are a good fit to support your goals, simply complete the application in the link below and we’ll set up a complementary call with Cathy to see if this program will support your goals.