Reduce stress, feel better & unlock potential with app-based remote coaching.

The most prevalent feeling is being so much more in flow. Things are more fluid and unfolding easier at work.
– Denise-

Are you ready to reduce stress, feel better and unlock your potential in work and life?

Look no further than the “Essence: Unlock Potential” app from The Healthy Living Plan.

This powerful app is based on the principles of Logosynthesis, a model for healing and development that works at an energetic level to identify and resolve distressing mental imagery for immediate and lasting relief.

The “Essence: Unlock Potential” app offers a variety of features to support your journey towards living your best life. With guided videos and exercises, you can learn the techniques of Logosynthesis and start applying them to your everyday life. The app also includes app-based remote coaching, where you can get personalized support and guidance from me, Cathy Caswell, as a Master Practitioner and Instructor in Logosynthesis. I can guide you to identify and resolve the specific triggers that get in the way of your goals and impact your health.

Start using Logosynthesis to reduce stress, feel better & unlock potential!

You can get started for free by downloading the “Essence: Unlock Potential” app and selecting the ‘Enjoy Life! Kick Off’ Program. When you routinely use the guided videos, you will experience how Logosynthesis works. Also if you want to experience even greater shifts, sign up for the app-based coaching programs or 1-to-1 coaching with me.

Join the many people who love using Logosynthesis to feel better in their everyday lives. This includes healing traumatic memories, improving relationships, and reducing stress at work. As a result, they hav more energy for what is important in work and life.

The “Essence: Unlock Potential” app can help you enjoy life and thrive. Therefore don’t wait! You can download the app now and get started right away!

The “Unlock Potential!” Program has helped me create efficiency in my work, with less ‘fussing around’, more focus and better boundaries. The program is a wealth of resources! It is now a reference for me. I know it’s there: if I need it and when I need it. It is truly very well structured and all very, very relevant to use both at work and at home.
– Claire Brulé – International Business Partner & Coach

Download the App now.

App-based remote coaching is an accessible format to suit any lifestyle. You can get started with free content by downloading the ‘Essence: Unlock Potential’ App on the App Store or Google Play and selecting the ‘Enjoy Life! Kick Off’ Program!

This is your plan to fit your schedule to support your health.

You don’t need to become an expert to start eliminating your stress triggers. But you do need to start. It is your health and you have the power to shift the underlying mental imagery that triggers your stress response. Certainly this requires practice but you have the power to make the shifts. You can use the guided videos in the ‘Enjoy Life! Kick Off’ section in the App for free. 1-1 coaching offers guidance to more effectively identify the underlying mental imagery and realize deeper results faster. But the important step is to get started.