What is Logosynthesis?

Logosynthesis is a powerful model for healing trauma and personal development. It can help you reduce stress, feel better, and unlock your potential!

Logosynthesis offers a precise and structured technique which is embedded in a comprehensive therapeutic and coaching model. The technique guides you to identify and eliminate mental imagery that triggers distressing thoughts, emotions and physical sensations. When the mental imagery is identified and resolved, you notice immediate and lasting results. In fact, often times the issue falls away and you may not even recall it as an issue.

You can learn to use Logosynthesis routinely in self-coaching for everyday issues and also, with the help of a trusted professional guide for deeper, more complex issues.

What can Logosynthesis be used for?

This psychotherapeutic and coaching model is being used to support people with a wide variety of life issues and mental health disorders, such as trauma, PTSD, anxiety, overwhelm, burnout, depression, relationship issues, parenting challenges, workplace stress and other blocks in their everyday life. It’s primarily used in coaching, counselling, psychotherapy and self-coaching for healing trauma and also supporting personal growth and leadership development. For instance, here’s a list of potential applications for Logosynthesis:

  1. Stress and Anxiety Reduction
  2. Trauma Healing
  3. Phobia Treatment
  4. Self-Esteem and Confidence Building
  5. Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
  6. Resolving Anger and Resentment
  7. Grief and Loss Processing
  8. Emotional Regulation
  9. Performance Enhancement
  10. Relationship Issues
  11. Goal Achievement
  12. Pain Management
  13. Addiction and Compulsion
  14. Depression and Mood Management
  15. Personal Growth and Spiritual Development

How can I get started to use Logosynthesis?

Many people are looking for additional resources and support to adopt this as a healthy lifestyle practice. Whether you’re interested in using Logosynthesis for personal growth or to support your clients, The Healthy Living Plan can guide you:

  • You can read my books to learn about why and how to get started as a healthy lifestyle practice.
  • My Remote Coaching App is available with guided videos which you can use routinely.
  • Workshops and training are highlighted in the upcoming events page.
  • My blog offers lots of real life examples and also applications.
  • My YouTube and Podcast channels offer a wealth of information so that you can explore areas that are of interest to you personally.
  • The Resources page provides a one-click guide to a wide variety of articles, books and other resources.
  • You can schedule a complementary call with me through my calendar.

As a Master Practitioner and Instructor in Logosynthesis, I offer 1-1 and app-based coaching support and an introductory self-coaching course. Based on my personal experience and professional training, I also offers workshops and keynotes to support teams and organizations looking to improve performance with more ease. In essence, this is a great place to explore what is possible for you personally. Therefore, you can take the first step towards reducing stress, feeling better, and unlocking your potential right here.

About the founder – Dr. Willem Lammers

Dr. Willem Lammers is the founder of Logosynthesis. He developed the model based on a 40+ year career in psychotherapy, clinical psychology and training. In addition, he has trained in many leading-edge energy psychology models and referenced many philosophical teachings. He attributes the name ‘Logosynthesis’ to the works of Viktor Frankl (Logosyntherapy) and Roberto Assagioli (Psychosynthesis) based on their incorporation of meaning and a spiritual element to psychotherapy. Dr. Lammers has written extensively about Logosynthesis, including an introductory guide titled “Discover Logosynthesis®: The power of words in healing and development.” (Lammers, 2020). Certainly, this book offers a great place to start!

About the Logosynthesis International Association

The Logosynthesis International Association certifies Practitioners and Trainers in Logosynthesis to protect the quality of professional training. On their website, you can find available training seminars in addition to a list of certified practitioners. Also, this website offers information about the training curriculum.

Why do therapists, counsellors and coaches prefer Logosynthesis?

Logosynthesis was developed for professionals to support clients to heal from trauma and anxiety. Based on a 2017 survey, an international group of coaches, counsellors and therapists indicated that they prefer this model over others. In summary, they cite the following reasons:
– overall effectiveness 89%)
– speed of work (80%)
– ease of use (74%)
– client comfort (71%)
– targets the presented issue (66%).

Is Logosynthesis evidence-based?

The first peer-reviewed research article was published in 2022. In addition, a doctoral dissertation was published in 2023 which highlights the efficacy of Logosynthesis in treating trauma symptoms related to Intimate Partner Violence. A poster presentation of a pilot study on the efficacy of Logosynthesis is also available. This work, along with books, articles and videos, are building the base of evidence for the efficacy of Logosynthesis as a psychotherapeutic and coaching model. A summary of this evidence is available here:

What are therapists, counsellors and coaches saying about Logosynthesis?

Logosynthesis is a powerful model for healing and development. The symptoms can have a wide range of intensity. At times, the issue may fall away without even noticing what shifted. Other times, you may experience more intense physical and emotional shifts as the issues resolve. So if you’re interested in exploring Logosynthesis for any of the mentioned applications, it’s advisable to seek guidance from a certified practitioner in Logosynthesis.

Logosynthesis is being used to guide people to achieve the desired shifts and changes in their life. It supports not only everyday issues but traumatic experiences and major life transitions. To help you understand the scope of what is possible, you can listen to the podcast series: ‘Why Logosynthesis Works’. It certainly offers a wealth of information and expertise about working with this model to support a wide variety of issues.

Is there a guided video that I can use right away?

In the beginning, it can be challenging to explain what shifts when using this model. Yet when people give it a try, they can feel the shifts! So this is your opportunity! Watch the video below to experience what can shift for you personally. Grab a glass of water and then find a quiet, undisturbed place. Importantly, watch the entire video to fully experience the shifts in energy, which can be subtle or intense. With practice, you will become more comfortable with the process and be able to apply it to your daily life. Also, for more complex issues or if you don’t notice significant changes while self-coaching, we recommend seeking the support of a certified Logosynthesis Practitioner. Certainly, there are resources to support your learning so please get in touch for guidance.