Protect against Coronavirus with Logosynthesis

Use this guided meditation to protect against coronavirus with Logosynthesis.

To help you protect against Coronavirus, Willem Lammers has developed a new Logosynthesis protocol to use the power of words to shift your energy. Simply set aside 25 minutes and watch the free guided meditation video below. Let the words do the work!

Please share this video to help others benefit from this powerful technique. In a recent survey of an international group of professionals trained in the method, 83% of respondents indicate that the Logosynthesis model has transformed how they approach their role as coach, therapist or guide. They cite the benefits as speed, ease and it delivers results! You can feel confident to trust the process and notice the results for yourself.

We asked individuals who viewed the guided Logosynthesis meditation to complete a survey to let us know what they noticed. Based on responses (n=48), media and personal health were the most cited triggers for feelings of distress. There was a 57% reduction in the level of distress. This was measured based on a SUDS scale, with a shift from 6.1 before watching the video to 2.6 after watching the video. The most dominant emotions reported prior to watching the video were Anxious, Worry and Stress. The most dominant emotions reported after watching the video were Calm, Peace and Trust.

Let go of worry and fear with Logosynthesis.

With so much uncertainty being covered in the media, the news can easily trigger feelings of anxiety and worry. The Logosynthesis technique can be used to resolve perceptions that trigger feelings of worry, fear and other types of distress. I encourage you to use the guided video below (the entire video) to resolve your unique triggers and notice the shift that can occur.

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