Stress of demanding workload

Do you struggle with stress related to a demanding workload?

Stress related to a demanding workload is normal! Especially when your work is important and you want to make a difference. 

Some stress can help to motivate you in your job. It comes with the territory of embracing challenges. Yet it is easy to get stuck in stressful patterns.

How do you recognize when stress is getting in the way of what matters most?

Pay attention to how you react in specific situations. Notice the patterns. Take time to recognize your thoughts, your emotions and how your body is responding. Negative self-talk. Worry and anxiety. Tension and pain. These reactions can be normal but they also offer valuable information to help you identify and eliminate the underlying triggers.

When you eliminate the underlying triggers to your stress responses, you can resolve the stressful patterns. You will feel calmer. More of your energy is available for what matters most. You will feel more ease and energy for work and life – even when you face challenges. You may notice that it no longer requires taking a day off to recharge. Additionally, you may experience a sense of calm in the midst of your demanding role.

Are you ready to let go of the stress?

I will introduce you to a healthy lifestyle practice to allow you to shift your stressful patterns. Like healthy eating and exercise, it isn’t ‘one and done’. You have multiple memories and beliefs that trigger your stress responses. Yet by noticing your stressful reactions in everyday life, you can identify and shift the triggers to benefit your health, work and relationships.

I can guide you to relieve stress related to a demanding workload: