What are the Logosynthesis sentences?

Stress responses are triggered by memories and beliefs.

Most people experience memories and beliefs in the form of mental images, sounds and other sensory perceptions. These memories and beliefs are energy-based and they can trigger your stress responses. This results in distressing thoughts, emotions and physical sensations.

“I can’t do this!” “I’m so worried!” “My heart is pounding!”

The Logosynthesis sentences shifts the energy in memories and beliefs.

Willem Lammers, the founder of Logosynthesis, has developed a very specific method to both identify and resolve intrusive, distressing mental images and other sensory perceptions. He has developed three precise sentences to shift the energy and offer sustained relief. The sentences are currently available in many languages and you don’t need to understand how they work to experience the benefits.

The specific sentences are:

  • Sentence 1: I retrieve all my energy bound up in this (X) and take it to the right place in my Self.
  • Sentence 2: I remove all non-me energy related to this (X) from all of my cells, all of my body and my personal space, and send it to where it truly belongs.
  • Sentence 3: I retrieve all of my energy bound up in all of my reactions to this (X) and take it to the right place in my Self.

You may be curious about the nature and meaning of the three sentences. Willem reminds us that words have power to manifest beyond their meaning. Words focus the speaker’s intention and their will to create. In this situation, the words are spoken aloud and there is a pause between each sentence to allow the energy to shift from the trigger (X). As the energy shifts, the trigger dissolves and your energy, once again, becomes available to you. You will feel calmer and have more energy. The trigger and the associated stress response does not come back.

The Healthy Living Plan can help you use Logosynthesis to feel better

The Logosynthesis sentences are the same each time. Most people require can experience results right away but require practice to precisely identify and resolve the underlying trigger. It can be very beneficial to take a course and get help from a trained guide, to learn how to properly use the technique.

Also, there are many people who simply want a coach or a counsellor to guide them through the process, rather than learning the technique for themselves. Others are interested in learning why and how to use it for self-coaching. Either way, we offer resources to guide you to benefit from this healthy lifestyle practice.

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