Working parents manage multiple priorities and demands can feel intense.

Many working parents work hard to do well at work and also, to be a great parent and partner. But parents often feel pressure to juggle multiple priorities and meet the expectations of others. ‘I should do more.’ or ‘I need a break.’ can be familiar thoughts. Parents often feel frustration or worry and experience tension in their body. Parents do what they believe needs to be done based on the beliefs and attitudes picked up from the world around them. The costs of this reactive behaviour is high and often hidden. Specifically, it is hard to measure damaged relationships and missed opportunities.

Your thoughts, emotions and physical sensations provide information where you may be stuck. Tone of voice. Clenched jaws. Pressure in the chest. While these reactions can be normal responses, however you don’t need to stay stuck. So your reactions can impact more than your individual health and wellbeing. In addition, these reactions can negatively impact important people in your life: your children; your partner; your boss; your coworkers and more. How you react to what is happening around you can get in the way of what is important. Certainly, Logosynthesis offers an innovative approach to move forward with a greater sense of ease and calm.

You can resolve reactive behaviour to feel better.

You may be familiar with experiencing reactive behaviour as a working parent. It can feel challenging to let go of this behaviour because it is dictated by powerful beliefs and attitudes. While your reactions are based on your gender, your role at work and past experiences, everyone experiences reactive behaviour that can get in the way of what is important. Learning how to resolve the triggers related to beliefs and past experiences allows you to free your energy. You will have a greater sense of calm and clarity. Rather than being driven by automatic, your energy is available to make choices and take meaningful action.

How to get started

Patterns of reactive behaviour are common. Learn to recognize your reactive behaviour and resolve your triggers to empower healthy living. Logosynthesis offers a model that you can learn to use the method for self-coaching for everyday issues. Routinely use this model, in combination with other wellness practices, to relieve stress. For deeper issues, it is highly recommended to get support from a professional trained in Logosynthesis. We can help guide you to get started right away to clear your path so that you can reduce stress, feel better and unlock your potential in work and life.