Why is Logosynthesis a preferred treatment?

Are you looking for a preferred treatment for anxiety, depression, PTSD or other health issues?

It can be challenging to find a preferred treatment for many health issues. These health issues affect how we feel. They limit our ability to enjoy everyday life and to realize our goals at work and at home. Yet feelings are energetic in nature. We can learn to identify and resolve the energetic triggers, using the age-old power of words, to feel better. When we resolve the triggers, the flow of our energy is restores and we feel better.

Professionals trained in Logosynthesis say it is their preferred treatment method

In November 2017, an international group of psychologists, psychotherapists and coaches trained in Logosynthesis indicated that Logosynthesis was their preferred treatment when dealing with clients for a variety of issues. Presenting conditions include anxiety, depression, PTSD, burnout, anger management and others. Logosynthesis offers a transformative approach to identifying, isolating and neutralizing the sensory perceptions that trigger reactions. Cited benefits are as follows:

  1. Overall effectiveness – 89%
  2. Speed of work – 80%
  3. Ease of use – 74%
  4. Client comfort – 71%
  5. Targets presented issue – 66%.

The method can be used across a spectrum from therapy for trauma to coaching and self-coaching to build competence in personal and leadership development.

We can guide you to start using Logosynthesis now

We are all human and we all react to what is happens in our lives. there is an opportunity to learn to identify and resolve stress triggers to feel better. You can learn to use Logosynthesis for self-coaching to feel better in your everyday life. To heal deeper, traumatic issues, it is highly recommended to get the support of a trained guide. Feel free to reach out to us for coaching for a healthy living plan. These resources are available to start now: