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Logosynthesis is well-suited for professional use.

Logosynthesis is a certified coaching and therapeutic model that is being used internationally by professional therapists, counselors, coaches and others in the guided change professions. Professionals can follow a training curriculum to be certified as Practitioners, Master Practitioners, Instructors and Trainers in Logosynthesis by the Logosynthesis International Association. Membership in Logosynthesis International Association is held at two levels:
– Basic Membership: Professionals who have completed the Basic Seminar
– Professional Membership: Professionals who are certified Practitioners in Logosynthesis®
This link to their website offers information on training curriculum requirements, upcoming seminars and certified professionals:

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If you want to supplement your professional training in Logosynthesis by getting comfortable to routinely using the Basic Procedure in your everyday life and to learn how professionals are working with the model then we can help! Cathy offers app-based remote coaching programs, supplemented with 1-1 coaching, that can show you why and how Logosynthesis works. She also shares a podcast with certified professionals who use Logosynthesis to support their work across a wide variety of therapeutic, counselling and coaching roles. Explore our website and these links to get started right away!

The benefits of using Logosynthesis for professional use:

1. Efficient resolution of client issues:

Logosynthesis offers a structured and precise technique, embedded in a comprehensive model, to help clients resolve painful memories, limiting beliefs and distressing imaginations. For specific mental images, the process can quickly lead to a resolution of the issue. For more longstanding and complex themes, the work occurs layer by layer for meaningful shifts.

2. Holistic approach:

Logosynthesis is a holistic approach that addresses mental, physical and emotional issues at an energetic level. By addressing these energy patterns, the approach helps clients to heal the underlying issues rather than just addressing the symptoms. It integrates well with other treatment modalities for healing and development.

3. Simple and easy to learn:

Logosynthesis is a simple and easy-to-learn technique that can be quickly integrated into existing therapeutic practices. This can help to increase the therapist’s effectiveness and reduce the time and effort required to achieve results. The Logosynthesis International Association offers a certification curriculum as a Practitioner in Logosynthesis to protect the quality of use.

4. Applicable to a wide range of issues:

Logosynthesis is a versatile approach that can be used to address a wide range of issues, including trauma, anxiety, depression, stress, and relationship problems. This can help therapists to address a broad range of issues with their clients using one model for increased client comfort.

5. Empowering for the client:

Logosynthesis is a client-focused approach that empowers the client to take control of their own healing process. This can help clients to build confidence and resilience as they learn to identify and resolve the underlying issues. The model can be used for self-coaching to complement your work together.

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