How to heal childhood trauma using Logosynthesis

Childhood trauma affects how you feel

Childhood trauma can have lasting impacts, often without being aware of how it affects you. The memories can stay with you in the form of images, sounds and other sensory perceptions. These memories can trigger thoughts, emotions and physical sensations that can get in the way of enjoying life and achieving your goals. In some cases, you may not think of the memories as traumatic because they were part of everyday life. For other memories, the event may have been painful and the memory is buried. Yet these memories become part of your patterns of reactions and trigger automatic responses. They can affect your relationships, your goals and how you feel in everyday life.

You can resolve distressing memories related to childhood trauma

In many cases, you learn to cope with these memories. You avoid situations that trigger unwanted reactions. You work hard to overcome the unwanted feelings. Also, you are often told to accept the feelings as part of life. Logosynthesis offers relief by changing the memories so that it no longer triggers the thoughts, emotions and physical sensations. Memories are energetic in nature and words have the power to shift energy. By using a structured model, you can learn to identify and resolve the frozen perceptions that trigger frozen reactions. You can restore the flow of your energy to feel better.

We can show you how to use Logosynthesis

We are all human and we all react. Traumatic memories and distressing mental imagery can keep you frozen in intense, reactive patterns. Logosynthesis can be learned for self-coaching to resolve everyday issues. For deeper issues involving childhood trauma, it is highly recommended to get support from a trained guide to support you to resolve these distressing memories. Layer by layer, you will restore the flow of your energy for a greater sense of calm so that you can focus on what is important in your life.

Use this guided video to try the Logosynthesis Basic Procedure

Firstly, grab a glass of water and find an uninterrupted place. Allow yourself at least 30 minutes so that you are not rushed through the process. Finally, take time to notice what shifts in the following days. Energy shifts can be subtle or intense but often times, we may not notice how issues that have bothered us for a long time simply fall away. Take it easy but be curious!