Leadership development using Logosynthesis

Do multiple priorities and group dynamics get in your way?

Leadership can feel challenging. Most leaders want to achieve individual and group goals. Leaders also want to create a supportive space where everyone gets along. Yet multiple priorities and group dynamics can easily trigger reactive behaviours and limiting beliefs that can feel intense. These reactions can get in the way of your goals and keep your team from achieving the overall goals. It can be challenging to feel calm and confident when faced with a lot of change and uncertainty.

It is important for leaders to support culture and talent. According to Gallup surveys, engaged employees only represent 33% of the US workforce and only 15% of the workforce worldwide. In his Chairman’s Blog, Jim Clifton highlights that ‘the World’s workplace has been going through extraordinary change and that the practice of management has been frozen in time for more than 30 years.’ He indicates that employees, especially the stars, join a company and then quit their manager. In order to change, we need to transform workplace culture and it begins by changing what leaders believe and then how they lead.

Resilience, trust, confidence, respect are subjective measures and are influenced by each person in your group. Each person in your group has a role to play. One of your most important roles is to lead by example.

We support leadership development to help you take more meaningful action.

Logosynthesis offers a unique model to support your leadership development. By using your reactions as information, you can resolve triggers to feel more calm and confident. Whether you are looking for a coach or to learn a repeatable method for self-coaching, we can show you how to start changing how you react at work. Following the same steps every time, you can identify and resolve the frozen perceptions that trigger frozen reactions. When the trigger is gone, you do not experience the same automatic responses. You no longer need to struggle to cope with or avoid situations. The pattern is broken, one layer at a time. Not only do you feel better but those around you feel better. Your energy is available to take action to achieve your goals.


About the book ‘Thriving In Our Times’ (Caswell, 2020)

By sharing both her personal story and professional development Cathy has gifted us with insight into an elegant response to complex, individual challenges. We owe it to ourselves and to those around us to examine Logosynthesis and how the proper use of three simple but powerful sentences can improve life for all concerned.
– Blair Richards, MBA, CIO at Halifax Port ILA/HEA –