Leadership needs to support culture and talent:

Leadership in the face of uncertainty, diversity and change requires a sense of confidence in purpose. According to David Novak, CEO YUM Brands (CNBC, May 11,2017): ‘The Conference Board 2017 CEO Survey revealed that in the eyes of the CEO respondents, organizational culture and quality talent are the critical enablers of success. The responses of 555 CEO’s highlighted a set of common organizational priorities shared across industries and geographies, including: 1) fiscal discipline; 2) engaged and resilient workforce; 3) strong and inclusive talent; 4) need to develop and nurture talent with expanded twenty-first century skills. The hot buttons and themes that emerged reflected global fears and uncertainties and the need for open and inclusive cultures that are both internally and externally networked.’

According to Gallup surveys, engaged employees only represent 33% of the US workforce and only 15% of the workforce worldwide. In his Chairman’s Blog, Jim Clifton highlights that ‘the World’s workplace has been going through extraordinary change and that the practice of management has been frozen in time for more than 30 years.’

He indicates that employees, especially the stars, join a company and then quit their manager. In order to change, we need to transform workplace culture and it begins by changing what leaders believe and then how they lead.

The work is at the level of attitudes and beliefs:

Initially, leadership needs to recognize that we all react to our environment based on our beliefs, culture and attitudes. Employees learn from leaders and mentors about not only the explicit goals but the implicit behaviours that are expected for success. This code ensures efficiency and effectiveness in delivering results – in a stable environment. However when the rules change and diversity is introduced, change is required and although we may acquire new knowledge, we continue to react to the way we believe things should be.

We require a paradigm shift that focuses on letting go of the energy that we bring to our interactions, especially when we are facing challenging and difficult situations. Our beliefs are based on past individual experiences and cultural exposure. In order to change what leaders and employees believe, each individual needs to be aware of their responses and willing to take action to change. We can support with a teachable, guided process for change.

We offer a teachable tool to support your goals:

We support leadership with a teachable, guided process that can be incorporated as part of personal and leadership development plans.

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