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In my books, I share my personal experience and professional development using Logosynthesis. As a busy working mom, I used it to resolve what bothered me and I guided others to support them in their everyday lives. What I have discovered is that reactive issues fell away to create a sense of ease and clarity to take action. Whether dealing with the pressure of life’s demands or looking to process trauma and anxiety, one method can be learned to shift the energy to feel better. In these challenging and uncertain times, we all benefit when we learn to recognize and resolve our reactions to create a supportive place where we all can thrive. 

Thriving In Our Times: From Reactions to Action Using Logosynthesis®

There is no doubt that we are living in challenging and uncertain times. We all react to what is happening around us although we are often not aware of how it affects us and those around us. Our frozen perceptions trigger frozen reactions. In other words, images and sounds can get stuck in our space and create intense feelings and automatic responses. When we learn how to recognize our reactions and use them as information to resolve what bothers us, we are better able to act. We feel better and those around us feel better. 

In this book, I show you why and how to use Logosynthesis to support your everyday living, in your family, workplace and community. You will learn what it feels like to thrive in our times!

Logosynthesis®: Enjoying Life More Fully

When life gets busy and demands get urgent, it can be challenging to focus on what is important in our lives.  In the moment, our desire to breathe deeply and relax is overruled by our belief that we need to control, to change, or to act on the situation. We need to fix things. We are operating on patterns that serve us well in normal times, but can easily derail us during times of change.

In this book, I share my introduction to Logosynthesis and some of the common barriers to using the method. I also share a few stories of how I used Logosynthesis in my everyday life: feeling pressure to do it all at work; losing my cool as a parent; frustration in a relationship and helping a friend resolve a familiar, pounding headache (something which has not recurred to this day!)

Books by Willem Lammers

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