Literature review on mental imagery, emotional distress & Logosynthesis by Cathy Caswell at The Healthy Living Plan

A literature review on mental imagery and emotional distress highlights a connection.

A literature review on mental imagery, emotional distress and Logosynthesis has been compiled. It helps to better understand how Logosynthesis can support an integrative approach to health by identifying and shifting distressing mental imagery. “Logosynthesis as a psychotherapeutic and coaching model to neutralize mental imagery and relieve emotional distress: A review of the literature to identify research opportunities” (Caswell, 2023) is offered in the link below. To be clear, this work has not been published. It is provided to offer directions to explore in research using Logosynthesis as an intervention to relieve emotional distress by resolving mental imagery.

The literature review addresses the subjective nature of the presenting symptoms of many health issues. A description of the term ‘mental imagery’ offers a context for the scope of perceptions that can influence distressing emotions. Recent studies are cited to demonstrate the relationship between vividness of mental imagery and intensity of emotions. Many of the research articles cited call for new treatments that address the mental imagery to reduce emotional distress.

Logosynthesis identifies and neutralizes distressing mental imagery for lasting relief of associated emotional distress.

The literature review also introduces Logosynthesis in the context of resolving distressing mental imagery. Although the model is new and not yet considered evidence-based, a summary of initial pilot studies and doctoral thesis’ are included. Logosynthesis also offers a specific, measurable and repeatable technique as an intervention. Subjective measures can be measured quantitatively and qualitatively. This makes this model very conducive to incorporate in research studies to measure immediate and sustained deltas in both mental imagery and emotional distress in the client.

An opportunity for further research into the use of Logosynthesis as a treatment model.

Logosynthesis is a new and innovative approach to coaching, counselling and psychotherapy. Recent research highlights an opportunity to substantiate the impact of using Logosynthesis. Its mechanism of operating involves identifying and neutralizing distressing mental mental imagery. Thus this process allows for immediate and lasting relief of the presenting issue. The work of Practitioners and Trainers in Logosynthesis will further contribute to our understanding of integrating the Logosynthesis Basic Procedure for healing and personal growth.