What is a stressor - The Healthy Living Plan

What is a ‘stressor’ and how to eliminate it?

A stressor is defined as ‘a stimulus that causes stress’ (Merriam Webster)

In our efforts to reduce stress in our everyday lives, the work seems clear: To eliminate the stimulus that is causing stress.

And yet, we know that ‘stimulus’ is a normal and necessary part of everyday living. Life would be very dull if we avoided all the stimuli that caused stress.

Thus our work is focused on to learning to cope and live with the stress. And yet the faster the world changes, the greater the pressure to cope. 

But what if the ‘stressor’ is not the stimulus that we currently encounter in everyday life?

What if the stressor is something that isn’t physical or cognitive but rather, energetic?

What shifts in our efforts to reduce stress for healthy living?

– We now know that memories, beliefs and imaginations get activated by stimulus in our everyday lives.

– We now know that these memories, beliefs and imaginations trigger our stress response.

– In addition, we now know how to shift the energy in these memories, beliefs and imaginations so that they no longer trigger a stress response.

What happens?

When intrusive memories, limiting beliefs and distressing imaginations shift, the stimulus in your everyday life no longer results the same patterns of stressful reactions.

You feel a greater sense of ease and clarity to focus on what is important in your life.

This work is about being aware of what bothers you so that you can identify and resolve the energetic triggers that get in the way of what is important in your everyday life.

Reduce stress. Feel better. Unlock potential.