How to shift traumatic memories using Logosynthesis.

Traumatic events can lead to traumatic memories. A tragic accident. The sudden death of someone you love. Experiences of abuse, assault or neglect. These events often create traumatic memories that you may recognize as distressing visual images or intense sounds that occur outside of your control. Often you may ‘push it out of your mind’ and yet it can resurface out of your control and harm your health without recognizing the influence. Traumatic memories can have a profound and lasting … Read More

How to change core beliefs using Logosynthesis.

Understanding Core Beliefs Core beliefs are deeply held assumptions or conclusions that you have acquired about yourself, others, and the world around you. These beliefs shape your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Often, negative or limiting core beliefs can lead to stress, anxiety, and other mental health challenges. What is Logosynthesis? Logosynthesis is a psychotherapeutic and coaching model designed to guide individuals to reduce stress and unlock potential. By identifying and resolving distressing mental imagery, there is an increased sense of … Read More

How to Stop Overreacting Using Logosynthesis.

It is common to struggle to stop overreacting in certain situations. Automatic reactions are a normal human response, whether it’s snapping at a loved one or feeling overwhelmed by a mistake at work. At times, the situation doesn’t warrant the intensity of the response. You may be left struggling to understand what just happened. You may even create excuses for your behaviour. These disproportionate responses can strain relationships and create unnecessary stress. One powerful coaching model to address this issue … Read More

How to support your running routines using Logosynthesis.

Running, whether for fitness, competition, or leisure, offers a multitude of benefits, from cardiovascular health to mental clarity. However, like any physical activity, it requires that you establish routines to realize the benefits. There are many blocks that can get in the way of establish and maintain routines. “I don’t have time.” “My knee is sore.” “I’ll go tomorrow.” At times, physical limitations can get in the way. Yet it can be challenging to recognize what is a physical limitation … Read More

Empower yourself for healthy living!

You can empower yourself for healthy living! Living a healthy lifestyle goes beyond exercising, eating healthy foods and getting enough sleep. It even goes beyond engaging in meditation and yoga. New research is highlighting the role of mental imagery in emotions and old memories and limiting beliefs can keep you stuck in stressful patterns … often without even recognizing the impact. AndI in today’s fast-paced world that is loaded with stressed out people, social messaging and sensory stimulation, this mental … Read More

Resolve stressors using Logosynthesis.

What is a stressor? A stressor is defined as “a stimulus that causes stress”. (Merriam Webster) We often think of this stimulus as something external, such as a demanding job, an annoying boss, or our finances. These ‘stressors’ may occur routinely in our lives, creating stressful patterns that lead to anxiety, burnout and mental health issues. These stressors can also lead to reactive behaviour patterns that get in the way of our goals, often without even recognizing the impact. And … Read More

Positive Visualization and Logosynthesis

The energy of mental imagery. Recent research into the role of mental imagery and emotions enhances our understanding of our human experience. Many of us have heard of the power of positive visualizations to aid in rehearsing and achieving outcomes. But we are probably not as familiar with recent medical research into the association of intrusive mental imagery with mental disorders[1]. The conclusions of many of these studies indicate that we need new treatments to resolve intrusive mental imagery. At … Read More

How to overcome fear of public speaking using Logosynthesis

Fear of public speaking is normal. Let’s face it … almost everyone has a story about what they do to cope with the discomfort and fear of public speaking. Tough it out! Visualize! Exercise! Yet in the moment of delivering an important presentation … of having the opportunity to use our voice for maximum impact … automatic reactions hijack our best efforts. Profuse sweating. Flush faces. Quivering voices. Racing heartbeats. We may learn to live with it but we may … Read More

How to deal with distressing news stories using Logosynthesis

News stories can create distressing memories. Stories are powerful. They offer details to help you think about and understand the situation and the people. They also create powerful mental imagery that activates your feelings and emotions. In the news, these stories are often delivered with very graphic details to catch and hold your attention. When you create vivid mental imagery as a result of the story, it can create a lasting, emotional impact. Some of these stories make you feel … Read More

How to relieve fear of bedtime monsters using Logosynthesis

Bedtime monsters can add stress to the end of your day. Bedtime can often transform from a tranquil routine to a battleground of fears for both parents and their little ones. As children’s imaginations run wild, bedtime monsters and shadows on the wall can take on a life of their own, causing unnecessary anxiety and sleepless nights. One effective approach to conquer these fears and create a serene bedtime environment is to use Logosynthesis. In this blog post, we’ll explore … Read More

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