Support your running routines using Logosynthesis

How to support your running routines using Logosynthesis.

Running, whether for fitness, competition, or leisure, offers a multitude of benefits, from cardiovascular health to mental clarity. However, like any physical activity, it requires that you establish routines to realize the benefits. There are many blocks that can get in the way of establish and maintain routines. “I don’t have time.” “My knee is sore.” “I’ll go tomorrow.”

At times, physical limitations can get in the way. Yet it can be challenging to recognize what is a physical limitation compared to a limiting belief. Either way, the result is often that you are not able to establish the required routines to realize the benefits from running. Logosynthesis is a coaching and psychotherapeutic model that offers a unique solution to identify and resolve the underlying energy blocks for your specific running experience.    

A Personal Example of Applying Logosynthesis to Support Running Routine

I am a fair-weather, casual runner. In fact, I don’t consider myself a ‘runner’ and yet every summer, I dig my running shoes from the bottom of the closet and hit the local trail for a 5km run. Since my early days in the workforce, I found running a great stress-reliever and something that actually fit my busy schedule. Whether stopping the car along the lake on my way home from work or getting an early start on the day, I looked forward to the feeling of finishing a run. To date, my running highlights were completing my first 2km run at a charity even in the early 90’s and completing a half-marathon two years ago.

Since I was introduced to Logosynthesis 10 years ago, I have periodically used it to support my running routines. It’s hard to say what would be different now without this model but I notice now that I experience more flow, endurance and enjoyment than in the past. Here are a few examples of noticing what was bothering me or blocking my running that I worked with Logosynthesis:

‘I can’t do it’:

As I prepared for the half-marathon, I had a strong belief that I couldn’t run that distance. As I mentioned above, I run 5K’s. But my family was running a half and I simply wanted to run at the same time as them. I wasn’t so concerned about my time or even if I could run the whole thing. But I did want to give it a try. So I realized I had a belief to shift. The result? I ran the whole race on my own pace, enjoying the beautiful Ottawa scenery and some great conversations along the way.

Noticing my breathing patterns:

The starting point for Logosynthesis is to notice what stress or bothers you. One summer, I noticed that my breathing was quite laboured. I thought I would enjoy running more if I could breathe easier. As I explored the issue during my run (as is often the case), I realized that I held a belief that running is hard. And I know many people who agree with me! And yet, what would be different if I didn’t hold this belief. As I shifted the energy in the belief, I notice that my breathing relaxed. And to this day, I no longer hold this belief.

Being more compassionate to myself:

I have strong conditioning to power through tough times. It’s tough? ‘Do it anyway?’ While this can be a beneficial survival response, over time this stress response takes a toll on your health. Shifting the energy in this conditioning doesn’t mean that you go from ‘doing it’ to avoiding the situation. It creates a sense of peace and calm so that your energy is available to do it, if that is what you choose. For me, I noticed that my mind and body felt more relaxed. I didn’t feel so tense. Running simply felt better.

Benefits of Logosynthesis for Runners

  1. Mental Clarity and Focus: Logosynthesis helps clear away limiting self-talk and mental clutter, enabling runners to maintain focus. By addressing underlying triggers, runners can free their minds from distractions, leading to improved concentration and performance.
  2. Stress Reduction: Stress is a common barrier to optimal running performance. Whether it’s the pressure of an upcoming race or personal stressors, Logosynthesis can alleviate the emotional weight that stress imposes. This not only improves mental well-being but also enhances physical performance, as a relaxed mind often translates to a more efficient and enjoyable run.
  3. Enhanced Recovery: The recovery phase is crucial for runners to prevent and heal injuries. Logosynthesis supports this by addressing the mental imagery that can hinder physical recovery. By promoting an integrative, holistic healing process, runners can recover more efficiently, ensuring they are mentally and physically ready for their next challenge.
  4. Increased Motivation: Motivation can wane due to various factors, including burnout, boredom, or past failures. Logosynthesis helps reignite a runner’s passion and commitment by resolving underlying emotional conflicts. This renewed motivation can lead to more consistent training and a deeper enjoyment of the sport.
  5. Improved Resilience: Running often involves facing challenges, from tough weather conditions to personal setbacks. Logosynthesis builds resilience and shift stressful patterns. This resilience not only improves performance but also enhances the overall running experience, making it more fulfilling.

Get started now to use Logosynthesis to support your running routine.

Of course, limiting beliefs and memories of past experiences are only one aspect of supporting running routines. Yet recent research into the role of mental imagery and emotions highlights that they may play a more significant role than previously considered. And Logosynthesis offers a powerful model to identify and resolve the mental imagery that gets in the way of our goals and triggers our distress.

Whether you are a casual or competitive runner, incorporating Logosynthesis into a running routine makes a lot of sense. By shifting the underlying energetic triggers (mental imagery), Logosynthesis not only improves running performance but also enriches your overall experience. As you continue to resolve issues one layer at a time, you will empower yourself and unlock new potentials. This will support you beyond running to support your goals in work and life. You can use these resources and set up a complementary call with me to help you get started: