Leaders are called to deliver results through change, diversity and uncertainty. This requires the need to expand perspectives, create an environment of safety to grow and provide boundaries to protect. We offer keynotes, workshops and coaching using the Logosynthesis® method to create meaningful change in you as a leader and in your organization.


Our performance drivers can limit our success as external demands increase. We teach the Logosynthesis® method as a tool to connect with purpose and passion. With reference to Kahler’s Drivers and The Eisenhower Decision Matrix, learn how to better regulate pressure to optimize performance and create space for what is important in life.

One technique to support personal and leadership development:

Contact us to learn about our programs for both leaders and individuals, to support personal development, to better cope with stress and anxiety and to enjoy life more fully. We offer workshops, keynotes and coaching to introduce the Logosynthesis® method as a tool to support change and diversity in your organization. In addition, we offer resources through books, videos and blogs to support individuals who want to learn more on this fresh, new approach to self-care.