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It can be challenging it can be to navigate the stressors of work and life. Logosynthesis offers a powerful model to identify and eliminate the underlying triggers (mental imagery) that result cause distress. The Healthy Living Plan can guide your journey to incorporate this model as a healthy lifestyle practice so that you can enjoy life more fully.

* Your guide to reduce stress, feel better & unlock your potential!

Healthy lifestyle practices involve taking care of your body, mind and emotional wellbeing. The foundation of this work is ‘energy’. Exercise, healthy eating, sleep and mindfulness practices all involve aspects of getting – and keeping – your energy in flow.

We now know that some of your energy can be frozen in mental imagery in the form of memories, beliefs and fantasies. Some mental imagery creates pleasant memories and warm feelings. Mental imagery can create distressing thoughts, emotions and physical sensations. We notice this in our stress responses, including physical and mental health symptoms.

Logosynthesis is a new healing and development model that guides you to identify and resolve what bothers you to feel better and unlock your potential. It is being used to to support many issues in work and life, including:

– Resilience and Burnout
– Work-Life Harmony
– Disrespect and Harassment
– Intra- and Interpersonal Conflict
– Stress and Disengagement
– Mental and Physical Health Symptoms
– Priority Setting and Time Management

* Empowering you and your organization to use Logosynthesis for healthy, meaningful living!

For Individuals:

Our goal is to empower you to learn this healthy lifestyle practice so that you can identify and resolve your stress triggers anytime, anywhere for immediate and lasting results … and offer 1-1 coaching services for deeper issues. Approaches to guide your stress reduction and personal growth journey include:

– 1-1 coaching
– Self-Coaching Workshops
– App-Based Resources and Coaching Programs
– Books
– YouTube videos with guided exercises

You can start working with Logosynthesis at any point but a combination of approaches can aid your understanding and improve your results. The more you commit to your personal growth, the greater your results but the important part is to start with a specific issue, perhaps a difficult coworker or a fear of presenting.

For Organizations:

Individuals in groups will have different levels of interest in doing the personal work. For some, the work may be unfamiliar and uncomfortable and yet their reactive patterns may be limiting their success at work and their quality of home life. The more leadership can demonstrate the benefits by doing their own work first and being compassionate to employees who struggle with the concept, the greater the results. Approaches to reduce stress and enhance performance using Logosynthesis include:

– Needs Assessments with Coaching for Immediate Issues
– Group Workshops
– Group Coaching Program
– App-Based Resources (can be customized)
– Keynote Addresses
– YouTube videos with guided exercises

1-1 Coaching for Leaders and Team Workshops can be great places to start, even prior to a needs assessment, in order to get an experience of what is possible using the model. Benefits can be noticed immediately for specific issues and more extensive work is required to shift culture issues.

* Why Cathy Caswell & The Healthy Living Plan?

The Healthy Living Plan was created specifically to guide and teach individuals in organizations to relieve stressors at work and in life to both reduce stress and enhance performance. I’m Cathy Caswell and I have first-hand experience of applying Logosynthesis in real-life situations in everyday life. I also have extensive professional training in this model, with certification as a Master Practitioner and Instructor in Logosynthesis. I can expertly guide you to let go of issues that are impacting you. Also, I share my personal story and professional expertise in two books to help you recognize why and how this model is quickly becoming the preferred model to support individuals to navigate the demands of work and life.

Here are a few of the roles in which I have used Logosynthesis:
– Corporate sales for a multinational food company
– Executive Director of a non-profit organization
– Volunteer and Board Member with groups and organizations in her community
– Dietitian supporting with healthy lifestyle education
– Woman navigating middle age
– And the most important to her personally – as a family member … a wife of an entrepreneur, a mother of teens, a sister to seven, a daughter of a mother with Alzheimer’s disease and a father with Parkinson’s Disease and an aunt and sister-in-law to a beautiful group of inspiring people.

If you want to reduce stress, feel better, and unlock your potential in work and life, let’s get started!

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