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A vision to live a fulfilling life with less stress.

In learning more about TheHealthyLivingPlan, we acknowledge that everyday life can result in stress and anxiety.   Add an illness or health concern and the level of stress and anxiety escalates.  We often hear that we should learn to ‘live well with stress’.  Our vision is to help you to enjoy the fullness of life using a unique technique to let go of the triggers that result in stress.

A mission to embrace differences to strengthen our organizations and communities.

What started as a desire to reduce my personal stress lead to an intrigue to share with my community. We come together with different experiences and backgrounds. The contrast can result in ideas that polarize a community or strengthen a community. Using Logosynthesis® to identify and let go of the energy in our reactions creates a space to listen to other viewpoints and be present to discover more creative solutions.

A desire to share learnings on a fresh new approach.

A solid attempt to do it all lead Cathy to recognize that she needed to rethink priorities. Juggling multiple important roles as a mother, wife, coworker, employee, professional, community member, friend and family member, ‘overwhelming’ was the word that often came to mind.  With an MBA and dietetics background, the challenges of changing behaviour despite best intentions was well recognized. With an open mind and a strong desire to change, Cathy set out to research and practice techniques in the field of behaviour change. TheHealthyLivingPlan is the vehicle to share her personal learnings and to support each of us to take responsibility for our health.Learn more about Cathy on her own website.

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