About The Healthy Living Plan:

The Healthy Living Plan is a company dedicated to empowering individuals to unlock their potential! It is a preferred destination to guide your journey towards adopting an innovative healthy lifestyle practice to identify and resolve painful memories, limiting beliefs and fearful fantasies! As you shift the energy in this mental imagery, distressing symptoms fall away and you experience a greater sense of calm and clarity for what is important in your life.

By assessing your specific needs, we offer targetted educational workshops, coaching and keynotes both in-person and virtually. Additional resources, including books and blogs, are available to fully support you in your empowerment journey in both work and life.


Empowered individuals unlocking their full potential.


Supporting individuals and organizations to learn to use Logosynthesis as a key to reduce stress and feel better in work and life.


Guidance. Inspiration. Education.
Empowering you to discover your potential and support your personal growth through learning and sharing.

About Logosynthesis:

At the heart of The Healthy Living Plan is Logosynthesis. This offers a simple and repeatable technique, embedded in a powerful coaching and psychotherapeutic model for healing and development. The plan guides you to identify and shift the underlying mental imagery that triggers your stress responses and automatic, reactive patterns. Logosynthesis works by helping you heal painful memories, limiting beliefs, and fearful fantasies. This certified coaching and psychotherapeutic model can be used with the support of a trained guide. It can also be learned for self-coaching so that you can use it routinely to experience a greater sense of ease, flow, and well-being in work and life.

About by Cathy Caswell:

Cathy Caswell created The Healthy Living Plan to support you to resolve stress triggers in everyday life. Cathy is a Master Practitioner and Instructor in Logosynthesis. She is well-versed in the importance of healthy living practices based on 30 years of experience as a registered dietitian working in the food industry. She also has extensive volunteer experience supporting healthy living. Cathy knows what it is like to experience demanding workloads, multiple priorities, and challenging relationships in both work and life. She also appreciates the importance of having guidance, practice and reliable resources to adopt healthy lifestyle routines. By sharing the transformative power of Logosynthesis, she also shares a passion for empowering you in your everyday life. She is a skilled guide to help you achieve your goals of reducing stress, feeling better and unlocking your potential in work and life.