Supporting diversity and inclusion using Logosynthesis

Your team benefits from diversity.

Diversity is beneficial for a team’s effectiveness. As a leader, you probably know that you can deliver the best results when you have a diverse team that works really well together. A diverse group of people introduce different thoughts, ideas and attitudes. Yet this same diversity can easily upset work routines and creates discomfort among team members. In many cases, it can be hard to pinpoint the exact cause of the issues. There is simply a feeling of tension surrounding the team.

People react to diversity on a team.

Under normal conditions, this tension may inspire strong performance. Yet when conditions suddenly change, a diverse team can trigger reactive behaviour in team members. It may be subtle but the tone of voice, facial expressions and posture can be automatic responses that send signals to others on the team. In many cases, the person may not even be aware of these responses and therefore doesn’t see the need to make any changes. Yet the tension is felt.

We can support you and your team using Logosynthesis.

This tension can be a normal reaction. Rather than having to cope with the tension or avoid the situations, we can show how to eliminate the triggers. We can help to calm reactive behaviour and improve relationships through coaching and self-coaching using Logosynthesis. Whether someone doesn’t feel included or someone is reacting to the performance of another, we can guide you to resolve the conflict.

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