How to let go of fear of coronavirus

How to let go of fear of coronavirus.

How to let go of fear of coronavirus:

Many people struggle with how to let go of fear of coronavirus. The Logosynthesis Basic Procedure offers a fast and easy approach that delivers results. Working with a trained guide can support your efforts to deliver surprising results.

Stephen Carter, CEO and Founder of Stress Solutions LLC, shares this example of using Logosynthesis to help a client let go of fear around coronavirus:

I received a Facebook PM from a longtime client asking if Logosynthesis could help with shortness of breath.

This client has a long history of heart and other medical issues. Upon calling her, we ruled out any immediate medical emergency as she had just spoken with her doctor’s office.

Early in the conversation, she expressed frustration over the breathing problem. I had her share the physical sensations she was experiencing. In asking about her frustration level and breathing restriction level, she rated both as “10” on the SUDs scale. I led her through the sentences for her perception of ‘sense of frustration’.

After that process she said with surprise, “I know what’s going on. I’m afraid I’m going to get this virus and die.”

Once she said that out loud, the charge on that fear went to zero, as did her felt sense of frustration.

I then asked her to allow a loving gentle inhalation and exhalation and then describe how she was breathing. She was chest breathing which led to tension in her shoulders and neck. Next, I led her through allowing a loving, gentle diaphragmatic breathing process. Her sense of restricted breathing dropped to between zero and 1 on the SUDs scale.

She reported she was much calmer and relaxed and could breathe much more freely. 

Learn how to let go with Logosynthesis:

The method can be learned for self-coaching and a number of books are available to support your learning.  Laurie Weiss, Partner at Empowerment Systems, authored ‘Letting It Go: Relieve Anxiety and Toxic Stress in a Few Minutes Using Only Words’  to provide a comprehensive guide to using the method to quickly let go of the triggers to fear and anxiety.