We all have the possibility to unlock our potential!

IGNITE THE REAL YOU™ for Personal Development introduces the Logosynthesis™ method as a transformational approach to guided change. It is based in a compassionate philosophy, supported with a beautifully simple technique that can be learned for self-coaching.

Learn how to ignite the real you:

From resolving barriers:

  • Resolve blocks to achieving the results you want.
  • Overcome irrational fears that hold you back.
  • Let go of habitual patterns of behaviour.
  • Relieve feelings of tension and stress.

To unlocking potential:

  • Move beyond your current comfort zone.
  • Resolve triggers to reactions to expand perspectives.
  • More fully appreciate the value of diversity.
  • Connect with your purpose and passion.

Be curious to IGNITE THE REAL YOU™ for Personal Development:

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To learn more:

Watch this interview with Cathy Caswell about the Logosynthesis® method

Read Logosynthesis: Enjoying Life More Fully (Caswell, 2017)