The technique to apply Logosynthesis is the same each time however depending on the situation, there are different manners to help identify the trigger and let it go. We are designing programs for various applications to help gain a level of comfort to explore our reactions.


Corporate programs:

Corporations are tasked with providing leadership to maximize the value of the group. Often management and employees hold opposing views and beliefs which limit their mutual achievements.

Community programs:

Communities are strengthened by working together collectively. Diversity enriches the community but can also polarize a group. Cultural paradigms lend to conformity.

Family programs:

Families are where we learn our rules of engagement and live the experiences that create our beliefs. Creating a safe and secure space for children to thrive is critical to lifelong success.

Individual programs:

Individuals react based on beliefs and personal experiences. These reactions can trigger stress, fear or pain. They can also hold us back and limit our possibilities.