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This guided change method beautifully supports us in recognizing our stress reactions so that we can identify, isolate and neutralize the images, sounds and sensory perceptions that trigger this response. It has been developed as a highly effective tool in dealing with trauma, anxiety and personal development. By applying the technique, situations that normally trigger feelings of anxiety, no longer trigger a response. Whether healing trauma or building competency, the same technique can be learned to support personal and leadership development. In the following demonstration, Dr. Willem Lammers guides the process for the audience.

The Logosynthesis® method as a guided change process.

The Logosynthesis® method is a tool that helps to 1) recognize the nature of the current stress or suffering, 2) identify the sensory perceptions (images, sounds, etc) from past events that trigger the current stress and 3) provide specific sentences to dissolve the frozen energy associated with these triggers. The process may need to be repeated as further triggers are uncovered to peel away layers. The method can be taught for self-coaching, however working with a trained practitioner is highly recommended to enhance your results and support traumatic events.

Trust the process.

There is not a requirement to understand how the process works, rather a willingness to trust the method. It is hard to rationally believe that three sentences can have a profound impact on our level of stress but we encourage you to be open to the power of words for your own personal use and for those around you who are dealing with stress and anxiety.  Our vision is that the Logosynthesis® method will become a tool that everyone can incorporate into regular health routines to help each of us accept life’s challenges and realize our full potential.

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