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Welcome to The Healthy Living Plan!

We understand how challenging it can be to navigate the stressors of modern life. That’s why we offer a certified model that guides you to eliminate stress triggers and unlock your full potential in work and life.

We offer you the opportunity to enjoy life more fully & unlock your potential!

Healthy lifestyle practices are not overnight successes. You don’t transform from unhealthy to healthy overnight. Yet with routine exercise, healthy eating and stress reduction methods, you can notice significant shifts over time. Logosynthesis offers a stress-reduction technique that can be used routinely to eliminate stress triggers. When the trigger is resolved, it doesn’t come back and layer by layer, you will notice that you have more energy for what matters most in your life!

We empower you to use Logosynthesis for healthier living!

For Individuals:

Support through a combination of 1-1 coaching, app-based coaching, books and YouTube videos

Our goal is to empower you to learn this healthy lifestyle practice so that you can access it when you need it for self-coaching or with the support of a guide. We know that it takes support to adopt healthy lifestyle routines and that’s why we’re here with resources when you want us.

For Organizations:

Start by resolving an issue and experiencing the techique in a workshop:

Identify a theme or challenge that your team is struggling with right now. Let Cathy know what issue you would like to address and she will offer a workshop to guide your team to identify and resolve triggers related to the issue. Topics may include but not limited to:
– Dealing with stressed-out customers
– Heavy workloads
– Tight deadlines and multiple priorities
– Interdepartmental conflict and challenging relationships
– Unproductive meetings

Identify and resolve your triggers deeper and faster, use 1-1 Coaching:

Personalized 1-1 coaching is an excellent starting point for anyone looking to resolve issues that are affecting their work and life. With Cathy, a Master Practitioner in Logosynthesis®, you’ll gain comfort and notice results as she expertly guides you. At the same time, you’ll learn the model for self-coaching as well.

Discover more about why & how Logosynthesis works through Cathy’s story in her keynotes & books:

If you want to share the benefits of Logosynthesis with your team or organization, Cathy offers keynotes addresses and shares her personal story and professional expertise in two books. Cathy offers a unique combination of practical experience and professional expertise to help you recognize why and how this model is quickly becoming the preferred model to support individuals to navigate the demands of work and life. Here are a few of the roles to which she has used Logosynthesis:
– Corporate sales for a multinational food company
– Executive Director of a non-profit organization
– Volunteer with groups and organizations in her community
– Dietitian supporting with healthy lifestyle education
– Woman navigating middle age! 🙂
– And the most important to her personally – as a family member … a wife, a mother, a daughter and a sister!

Cathy shares her experience as a busy, working professional who started using Logosynthesis as a healthy lifestyle practice to let go of reactive behaviour that was showing up at work and at home. As she trained in the model, she gained an appreciation for how therapists, counselors and coaches were using this one simple technique to transform lives.

Develop a healthy lifestyle practice using app-based remote coaching

If you are looking for a flexible coaching option, our app-based remote coaching programs offer guided videos that you can access anytime, anywhere. You will learn how to use the model for self-coaching to apply it to things that bother you in everyday life. You will have access to Cathy to ask questions and keep you motivated so that you will be comfortable and confident to use the technique for self-coaching at the end of the program.

App-based remote coaching can be designed for individuals or teams in your organization.

If you want to reduce stress, feel better, and unlock your potential in work and life, this is the place to start!

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