We offer to help you thrive
by recognizing your reactions and
clearing your path for action.

We offer to help you thrive in our times because:
We know that results don’t always reflect effort.
We know that life can feel intense at times.
We know that life happens beyond our control.

We offer to help you thrive in our times by teaching:
– how frozen perceptions & frozen reactions affect our lives.
– how to shift triggers to clear your path for action.

Using Logosynthesis, developed by Dr. Willem Lammers,
we help you learn how to use your reactions as information
to resolve triggers & clear your path for meaningful action.

We offer to help you learn to use Logosynthesis to:

Feel more flow in your life: joy, kindness, compassion, calm, clarity and focus.
Feel less resistance in your life: stress, anxiety, worry, fear, anger and frustration.
Feel more connected to what is important in your life and to embrace challenging times.
Shift your focus from changing others to simply changing your reactions to others.

‘Even when my life was great,
I benefitted from learning to
shift from reactions to action
using Logosynthesis.’

– Cathy Caswell, President, The Healthy Living Plan Inc. –