The Healthy Living Plan - What we offer

The Healthy Living Plan guides you to eliminate
stress triggers using 1 certified model!

We offer to help you reduce stress, feel better and
unlock your potential in work and life!

1-1 Coaching

  • As with any healthy lifestyle practice, 1-1 coaching is a great place to start to gain comfort and notice results. The model can also be learned for self-coaching.
  • Cathy is a Master Practitioner in Logosynthesis® and she can guide you to resolve the triggers that get in the way of your goals and impact your healthy lifestyle.

App-Based Remote Coaching

  • Get started for free to use guided videos anytime, anywhere.
  • If you want to experience greater shifts, sign up for app-based coaching programs with Cathy

Workshops & Keynotes

  • If you want to support your team or organization to get started with this healthy lifestyle practice, Cathy can offer workshops and keynotes to highlight the many benefits, such as ‘Calm in Chaos’, ‘Ignite The Real You!’ and ‘Reduce stress. Feel Better. Unlock Potential.’
  • Self-coaching workshops to teach your group why and how to use the model as a healthy lifestyle practice.

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