We can help you destress to react less!

When we are under stressful situations, our tendency is to react.  As our life gets busy and our stress level increases, we often say that our ‘life is out of control’. Being committed to change behaviours is not enough! We are often told that we have control over our thoughts, feelings and actions. Although we don’t have control over all the events that occur during our day, we are told to control our reactions to these events. We are told to breath deep and pause before we act. While recognizing that this is what should be done, when our brain receives a trigger we often react quickly and decisively. Our subconscious mind takes over and our best intentions go awry. THE HEALTHY LIVING PLAN provides DE-STRESS! programs to help you deal with the stress in your life and gain more control over your actions!  Choose a program that suits your needs.

DE-STRESS! Programs can be customized.

THE HEALTHY LIVING PLAN can present on the following:

  1. Enjoying Work or School
  2. Relating with Family & Friends
  3. Healthy Eating & Exercise
  4. Coping with Illness & Loss
  5. Needing to Do It All

To have some fun and share the learnings of these programs, pull together a group of friends or coworkers for a group session.  We can tailor the program for any audience to talk about the types of stress that may be controlling your life.

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