Stress of demanding workload

Do you struggle with stress related to a demanding workload?

Stress related to a demanding workload is normal! Especially when your work is important and you want to make a difference. 

Some stress can help to motivate you in your job. It comes with the territory of embracing challenges. Yet it is easy to get stuck in stressful patterns.

How do you recognize when stress is getting in the way of what matters most?

What is the cost to your work, your health and your relationships. 

I know that work is important. For most people, it is a financial necessity. And for many people, it offers a sense of purpose.

I also know that changing how I react in my work can offer more ease and energy for for what matters most. It doesn’t always require taking a day off to recharge. When I know how to shift the underlying triggers that make me feel stressed, my energy is available to feel more ease to focus on what matters most.

Are you ready to shift your reactions?

I will introduce you to a healthy lifestyle practice to allow you to shift your stressful patterns. Like healthy eating and exercise, it isn’t ‘one and done’. We benefit from learning how to recognize our reactions, relieve the trigger and take meaningful action. And then we start to feel better at work. 

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