Supporting parenting using Logosynthesis

Parenting is an important role which can feel challenging.

Parenting is an important role. Most parents want to enjoy their children. You want to create wonderful memories for your children and to keep them safe and protected. Yet at times, intentions do not work out as planned. You react. You may be left wondering how things went wrong. It is not always easy to recognize how the actions of your child can trigger powerful automatic responses in yourself. These reactions are a result of past experiences, beliefs and attitudes. It can feel very challenging to break the patterns.

Parents may not need more advice.

When faced with parenting challenges, you may look for advice on what to do. In many cases, you already know what needs to be done but your patterns of reaction get in the way of doing it. As you learn to resolve what bothers you first, you are better able to remain calm in the challenging moments. You will be present enough to choose the best response in the situation. Your children will feel your presence. When you are calm and confident, your children will feel safe and protected. Rather than overthinking what needs to be done in the moment, you can trust that as a parent, you already know what to do.

We can show you how to change your reactions.

Logosynthesis® offers a solution to resolve patterns of reaction to feel better and to take more meaningful action. We have many past experiences and beliefs which can trigger automatic responses. When you recognize the benefits for your role as a parent, you can begin to eliminate the triggers as you experience reactions in everyday life. You will notice that not only will you begin to feel better, but your relationship with your child will improve. For many situations, you can use the guided method as a self-coaching technique. For more intense reactions, it is highly recommended to get help from a trained guide to support you. Many people are amazed at the overall effectiveness, the speed of the work and the ease of use. You no longer have to become stuck in patterns of reacting. You can feel calm and confident in your role as a parent.