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Cathy Caswell

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Remember: To make lasting changes, you need to act.

It is challenging to adopt a new healthy lifestyle practice. You may know what you should do but it requires action to recognize what is bothering you and to routinely use Logosynthesis to resolve the underlying mental imagery that triggers your stress responses. That’s why we offer a guided approach!

Step 1: Download the Essence: Unlock Potential App

Our performance drivers can limit our success as external demands increase. We teach the Logosynthesis® method as a tool to connect with purpose and passion. With reference to Kahler’s Drivers and The Eisenhower Decision Matrix, learn how to better regulate pressure to optimize performance and create space for what is important in life.

Step 2: Read Cathy’s books 

Logosynthesis: Enjoying Life More Fully (Caswell, 2017) offers a comprehensive introduction about why and how Logosynthesis can be used to reduce stress, feel better and unlock your potential in work and life. In this book, Cathy shares her personal experiences that lead her to be curious about using this model in a particularly busy point in her life. She also share her professional expertise as both a health professional and her training in Logosynthesis. She presents the Logosynthesis theory in a comprehensive manner so that you can start using the Logosynthesis sentences right away.

Thriving in Our Times: From Reactions to Actions using Logosynthesis (Caswell, 2020) offers further insights into why and how Logosynthesis can be used to support healthier living, including from a parenting and leadership perspective. By noticing and calming your reactions in everyday life, you create a calmer environment for all involved. By offering real-life examples from an international group of Practitioners in Logosynthesis®, she highlights the wide variety of issues that can be relieved using the Logosynthesis sentences.

Step 3: Book a complementary call with Cathy

We’re all human. We all have dreams and desires. We all experience stress and blocks in everyday life. We all have the power to shift this energy for healthier living. Yet our experiences are unique to each of us and we can struggle to both notice how we are reacting and the underlying mental imagery that triggers these reactions. As a Master Practitioner and Instructor in Logosynthesis, Cathy can guide you to fast-track your progress to resolve what bothers you. She invites you to schedule a call to understand your personal goals to see if The Healthy Living Plan is a fit for you!

We look forward to guiding your learning and development!