When Leaders Listen: Creating Space for Success

Leaders listen to embrace diversity.

What happens when leaders listen? At the Community Town Hall in Dartmouth, NS last evening, our Prime Minister listened to questions from a ‘friendly’ audience. I attended with a question to ask but as I observed the dynamics, I received my answer without needing to stand at the microphone. As I listened, I noticed how he was able to disarm controversy by acknowledging diversity of opinion and respecting the concerns of individuals. As he accepts the responsibility of leadership, he welcomes the voice of the people on any topic. We heard from individuals with concerns on immigration to systemic discrimination, from education to care for those who serve. He listened and provided his perspective.

Leaders listen to create space for success.

In 1982, the Canadian Constitution was amended to entrench the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which begins with the words ‘Whereas Canada is founded on principles which recognize the Supremacy of God and the rule of law’. We acknowledge that health encompasses body, mind and spirit. As we are faced with unprecedented health issues and humanitarian challenges, my question pertained to whether as our leader, he is prepared to lead a conversation on the power of spirit in the 21st century. I left the Town Hall with the feeling that he clearly demonstrated that is what he does everyday. By listening, he allows us to use the power of words to express what we feel and what is important to us so that we can engage wholeheartedly and create space for success.

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