Are we too busy to deal with stress?

As I prepare for a public presentation to introduce LOGOSYNTHESIS® with the founder, Dr. Willem Lammers,  I want to share some important observations:

  1. People are intrigued and want to learn how to better cope with stress but most people are too busy to attend due to valid work or personal commitments.
  2. Our schedules are so full that we are challenged to find a time to talk about stress as a community.
  3. I am waiting to get engagement from government and health care professionals.
  4. There are some great people in our community who are joining this conversation on managing stress!
  5. I’m not sure if I’ve sparked interest with the word LOGOSYNTHESIS® or tuned people out but I need to explain this more concisely.  My communication through social media does not allow me to understand and address individual barriers.

I challenge that we can’t be too busy to deal with stress!  I can make you aware of this tool but it takes each of us to carve out time to learn the techniques and find quiet time to work on our individual stressors.  No one else can do it for us.  We also need to facilitate stress management in our community.  I am routinely exposed to negative situations in my community that indicate a need for individuals to dissolve the triggers to their stress.  They have to deal with their stressors – no one else can do it for them.  We can’t rely on our institutions to start this conversation because there are too many restrictions.  We do have great people in our community and if we all do a part we can make a difference!  We need to be proactive to make time to deal with stress!  Join us on Thursday evening!