Do you stress about how things should be?

My life ‘should be’ different.  But it’s not.  Things happen in my life which ‘should not’ happen.  But the fact is, they do happen.  I do things that I know I ‘should not’ do.   But I do them anyway.  People around me do things that they clearly ‘should not’ do.  But the fact is, they too, do them anyway.  There are things I ‘should have’ known to prevent something.  But the fact is, I did not know.  And I have come to recognize that I spend a considerable amount of focus and energy reacting to all of the things which ‘should be’ different or which ‘should not’ happen.  My reaction does nothing to change the facts.  In most cases, my reaction results in a stress response that is not beneficial to my health or to those around me.

LOGOSYNTHESIS® offers the opportunity to gracefully dissolve the energy tied to these stress reactions. Each of us holds our own fantasies about how our life ‘should be’ and we each react in unique ways to a unique set of triggers based on our past experiences.  Using this powerful process, we are able to get in touch with our fantasies and our reactions. We can apply the LOGOSYNTHESIS® sentences to release this bound energy and although we can’t change what happens, we can change our reaction to it.   For me, it has been very liberating to work with this tool to finally start to let go of my stressful reactions.  It takes some patience, practise and guidance but it is very fascinating to explore.

Professional resources on LOGOSYNTHESIS® are available:

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