Clearing my stress through Self Coaching.

Recognizing the Need

‘I have a great life but I can’t keep up to it. I always feel stressed.’

My first step was acknowledging that I wanted reduce my stress and neutralize my reactions to people and events in my life.  I knew that not only was I feeling stressed, but my need to control was stressing out those around me. I wanted to relax but despite all my ‘healthy lifestyle’ initiatives, I still had the same feelings driving my behaviour.  I knew what I should do but in the moment, my reactions took over. Despite all my efforts, I felt that I wasn’t making progress.

By chance, I was introduced to LOGOSYNTHESIS®.  Although this work focused on ‘psychotherapy’ and ‘trauma’, from all my reading on the power of spirit and energy, the concept and procedure highly appealed to me.  If I could identify and dissolve the triggers to my reactions, I would be able to let go of my stress.

Creating the Space

I wasn’t comfortable talking to others about my feelings, so I needed to create a space where I was able to explore the topic on my own.  For me, familiarizing myself with the material and using the procedure as outlined in the book, Self Coaching with Logosynthesis: How the Power of Words Can Change Your Life (Dr. Willem Lammers, 2015) worked well.  As I worked with the principles and the technique, I felt comfortable enough to reach out for one-on-one coaching (counselling) for a couple of sessions.  I was intrigued.  On a whim, I cleared my busy schedule for a weekend workshop and was amazed with the results.  Working with others, in an environment that was safe to explore my stress, took my learnings to a new level.

Repeating the Technique

LOGOSYNTHESIS® is not interested in my suffering but in identifying and dissolving the sensory triggers that cause my suffering.  This allows me to not dwell on the past but rather, to recognize how I am reacting today and rate my level of stress.  As I sense my reactions, I can identify the sensory perceptions from my past that are triggering my reactions.  This is followed by using the sentences to dissolve the trigger and neutralize my reactions.

The LOGOSYNTHESIS® technique is very powerful when you trust the process.  Seeing the results in a workshop setting allowed me to appreciate the beauty of the process in clearing our energy, from that bound in everyday stress to highly traumatic events.  Repeating the same procedure each time allows me to focus on what I am feeling rather than worrying about perfecting the technique.  Some results are more dramatic than others but the process allows me a consistent framework to help me clear my stress.

Sharing the Learnings

My shift has been from the inside out.  And here lies the challenge.  My triggers are unique to me – created by unique thoughts and emotions to events that happened in my life.  Over the course of my lifetime, I have created a lot of triggers which impact my reactions, many of which I am not consciously aware. I view LOGOSYNTHESIS® as a vacuum cleaner.  Sometimes, like spring housecleaning, I will spend more time and do a thorough job.  Other times, I may go through for a quick clean up or focus on just one area.  But I do use it regularly.  Unlike a vacuum cleaner, I am not able to do the cleaning for you.   I can share my learnings and help you with the process, but only you can truly identify and dissolve the unique triggers from your past that are causing you stress today. I share my learnings to help you realize that there is something that you can do to reduce stress in your life.

So where do you start?  I suggest you create your own space to explore and start with the book, Self Coaching with Logosynthesis (Lammers, 2015)  (link to Amazon).  Be curious!