Feel better by self-coaching using Logosynthesis

Self-coaching using Logosynthesis

It is normal to react to situations in everyday life

Self-coaching puts you in the driver’s seat. You learn how to notice what bothers you and take action to feel better and to achieve your goals. You are human and in everyday life you make choices. Also, you react to what happens around you. At times, these reactions can impact your health or get in the way of what is important. While this is normal, learning to resolve memories and beliefs that trigger distressing reactions can be life-changing.

Do you have a great life but struggle to keep up with it all? Are you bothered by painful memories? Do you find certain situations stressful? Do you feel their are blocks in the way of achieving your goals? At times, your beliefs about the way things are can get in the way of clearing your path forward.

During the pandemic, specific reactions can surface

  1. Worry about your health and the health of loved ones.
  2. Distress and discomfort when wearing a mask.
  3. Fear of needles or getting the vaccine.
  4. Fear of losing a job or a business.
  5. Reactions and panic related to the stories in the media.

Self-coaching using Logosynthesis can help you feel better

Whether you are looking for some help to resolve a specific issue that is bothering you or you want to move beyond reactive behaviour patterns, Logosynthesis can offer surprising results. Many people notice that they feel more calm and confident after using Logosynthesis. Developed by Dr. Willem Lammers based on a career in healing and development, the method can be used with a guide or similar to a guided meditation. By learning one simple and repeatable method, you can shift from reacting to past experiences and beliefs to taking action in the present moment.

Logosynthesis® is a comprehensive model
for healing and development,
based on the power of words
to restore the flow of life energy.

– Willem Lammers, 2021 –

We can guide you in self-coaching using Logosynthesis

Logosynthesis uses one repeatable method for all types of distressing issues. Similar to golf, you learn one swing by practicing, getting the help of a coach and taking lessons. The more you practice, the more skilled you become and the better your results. We can help you learn this one method through coaching, teaching and guiding your learning. It is a skill that will help you enjoy your life more fully and thrive in your everyday life. Contact us now and check out these great resources to get started: