Do you know what your stress feels like?

We readily talk about how stressed out we are.  We can explain in great detail how our work, our family, our friends and our chores wear us down.  However, we rarely take time to quietly sit back and get in touch with what our stress feels like in each situation.  It can be uncomfortable to get in touch with these feelings so we avoid the sensations by adding more things to our ‘to do’ list. Instead, we create more stress for ourselves and for those around us.

When we talk about stress, we explain and rationalize our reactions in a form that someone or something caused us to do or feel something unwanted.  Perhaps your coworker didn’t finish their part of the project, your child repeatedly leaves clothes on the floor, your partner didn’t buy the right groceries or a stranger pulls out in front of you in traffic. What they did causes you to react, perhaps in anger or in silence, but you know you are stressed.  Repeated exposure to these triggers causes our stress to build, leading many of us  to overreact in a situation that leaves everyone wondering what just happened.  Given that we recognize our stress as being caused by something external, we often feel the best way to remove the stress is to remove or avoid the external factor.  Leaving jobs, friends and family can come at a great cost and the trigger often reappears in another situation.

LOGOSYNTHESIS™ guides us to recognize how we feel our stress in each situation. As we allow ourselves to get in touch with the sensations of our jaw clenching when our coworker creates extra work for us or the dryness in our mouth and tightness in our chest when our partner gets the grocery list wrong, we can begin to get in touch with sensory perceptions tied to these reactions.  We become aware of imprints in the form of images or sounds, often from emotional events from our past. Then, using a series of three specific sentences, the energy tied to these emotional triggers is dissolved. When this ‘something’ happens to us the next time, it does not trigger the same reaction because the imprint is no longer there.

At first glance, we all have difficulty comprehending how this method could work on our stress.  How can a few words change how we react to a situation? However, if we acknowledge that our beliefs are energetic imprints that are formed by thought and emotion, then it is understandable that we may be able to apply words (thought) to our feelings of stress (emotion) to dissolve these energetic imprints.  LOGOSYNTHESIS™ is a beautiful system to help you recognize your suffering or stress, if you are open to recognizing what your stress feels like.