Hey Atlantic Canada, what’s holding us back?

I am the daughter of immigrants who came to Atlantic Canada with nothing.  My parents were able to create something special on the banks of the Miramichi River through hard work and determination.  What was the secret of their success? I challenge that a significant factor was their experiences as children.  Growing up during World War II in Holland imprinted that when times got tough, they had no choice but to work through the challenges.  They knew that they didn’t need much to survive.  Through their teen years, they experienced a country rebuild after war. Their experiences as children lead them to believe that given a little land and a lot of hard work, they could build a farm. For many Atlantic Canadians, the imprints of war may have been different as communities mourned the loss of their young men – they suffered the loss of aspiration for the future.

A few weeks ago, the company I work for went through an unprecedented restructuring and many people lost their jobs.  I observed that individual reactions were strongly influenced by their experiences from their past, whether people realized it or not.  I believe that because the experience of my family and my ability to use Logosynthesis to process my stress, I was able to approach this as another challenge to overcome whereas some coworkers experienced significant anxiety as their fear of the future was triggered more traumatic imprints, such as the past experience of a family member losing a job.

As Atlantic Canadians, we take some criticism for being ‘have nots’. I want to share my experiences with Logosynthesis to challenge each of to get in touch with what may be holding us back and take action to dissolve the energy that limits us.  We do not know what emotional imprints are influencing the behaviour of others.  We often don’t even realize what emotional imprints are influencing our own behaviour.  We may have a rational explanation but that is likely not be the trigger.  I challenge my fellow Atlantic Canadians to join me in this conversation to reduce our stress and limiting beliefs so that we can realize our potential as individuals and as a community.