Are you looking for a new approach to HEALTHY LIVING?

THE HEALTHY LIVING PLAN  is a forum to share my learnings and perspectives on personal development with the aim to stretch all of our thinking beyond our comfort zone so that we can build upon but are not limited to our habits and the teachings of our parents and our professions.  I am a dietitian but this is not in the scope of dietetics practise.  I have an MBA and although organizational behaviour theory has certainly plays a role, this is conversation is not about degrees and certificates.  I have a lot of experience with volunteer organizations and a desire to contribute to my community.  I am a parent and I live in a wonderful community that exposes me to great people who, like me, periodically exhibit not-so-great behaviour, are limited by their beliefs and experience unwanted stress.  In my pursuit of healthy living, I have noticed that we focus our efforts on the things that we can objectively measure, relating to our body and mind.  Counting calories consumed, steps taken and hours slept.  To build on this, I have discovered an exciting tool that subjectively measures our stress and works on our spirit or energy to improve our wellbeing.  This new approach to healthy living is meant to build on our other initiatives but I believes needs to be embraced by each of us.

This work has been an evolution.  I have been working on developing a healthy living plan since my time in university but I could never quite nail down THE perfect plan.  Two years ago, I discovered LOGOSYNTHESIS™ and what I have experienced fascinates me.  Rather than outlining plans for every behaviour, this tool works on the emotional imprints of our past that influence our current behaviours.  The tool works remarkably to identify how we stress (or suffer), followed by noticing the sensory perceptions associated with the suffering and repeating three specific sentences  with pauses to allow the energy work to process.  The key to its effectiveness is for each individual to feel safe and open to the work.  The power of identifying the emotional imprints and using targeted words to work on the energy allows us to bring together thought and emotion to change behaviour.  It may sound a little foreign but current energy and neuroscience research aligns.  As we work to dissolve the energy associated with these triggers of our past, we connect with our energy (Essence) and are able to reduce our stress and rigid beliefs.  In addition, while some of us may argue that we don’t need it personally, I challenge that we all need it to reduce the stress we inflict on others and to share it with those that are struggling with stress, anxiety and trauma.

I will use the forum of THE HEALTHY LIVING PLAN to provide my perspective on healthy living through the lens of my experiences both personally and professionally. It will evolve so please join me to explore, learn and share an exciting personal and community development journey!