How to relieve stress when working from home.

Working from home can be stressful.

When I wrote this book, it was not with the idea of helping people manage the stress of a global pandemic. I was introduced to Logosynthesis in 2013 and I used it extensively to help me during a very busy time in my life as a working mom. Learning to work from home, especially if you are the parent of young children, can pose significant challenges. 

I share my experience to demonstrate the shift.  At times I felt I was too busy to learn something new but it certainly helped me to find my calm through a major transition at work. I continue to be amazed at the power of the work! 

Learn how to let go of what bothers you.

It can be difficult to focus on what is important when working from home. This tool is not about adding something extra to your routines. It is about learning how to let go of what bothers you so you can better focus on what is important.. The process is simple.

Notice what bothers you.

Apply the technique.

Notice the results.

The following examples of how I worked with this one technique are outlined in the book:  

  • Managing stress at work.
  • Losing my cool as a parent.
  • Frustration in a relationship.
  • Helping a friend with a pounding headache.

Working from home can be a challenge. My children were my greatest motivation to figure this out and today they thank me for doing the work.

Oh … one piece of advice. The work is new you will meet resistance from others. My advice is recognize that this is a normal reaction and to not let it interfere with your learning.