Get over it. Move on.

The holidays are over.  We have finished the first week in a new year.  Do we take time to acknowledge any stress we experienced or do we just push forward?  Get over it.  Move on.

At work, we just finished a challenging year with lots of change.  Some of us took a few days off to recharge.  We are now full swing into the next set of targets. Do we take time to acknowledge the toll it took or do we just roll with it?

All of our extracurricular activities are in full swing again. We took some pause over the holidays but now we need to kick into high gear.  Are we up for the challenge?  Do we take time to acknowledge our reservations about what we have to do or just do it?

In all aspects of our lives, I notice that we have a common approach to dealing with our life experiences.  We move forward to avoid feeling the negative emotions.  Pain. Guilt. Fear. Shame.  We fill our lives with things to keep busy.  We do what we have to do to cope.  Some events are more traumatic and make it more difficult to cope.  But we do what we can to get by.  But just because we are coping, doesn’t mean that these experiences no longer influence us.  They continue to impact us but it is often below our conscious awareness.  They fuel our reactions without anyone’s understanding, including our own.

I have always ‘moved on’.  Maybe I acknowledged that I wasn’t really over things but I didn’t have a good way of dealing with them.  All I could do was move on. That didn’t mean I liked my reactions.  Through my exploration with LOGOSYNTHESIS,  I now have a system to start to acknowledge the influence of past events and gracefully disarm them. It took me a little bit to wrap my head around the work but it is impactful.  Using the power of words, I can access my energy, my spirit.  This a spiritual connection and in LOGOSYNTHESIS terms, a connection with Essence.

Life experiences disconnect us from our Essence.  This is a beautiful tool to help restore that connection.  Learn more about LOGOSYNTHESIS and contact me for further information.