Feeling Stressed? Logosynthesis can help.

Feeling stressed is common in everyday life.

Given the demands and responsibilities of everyday life, feeling stressed is normal. In my daily routines, I get stressed and I also interact with a lot of stressed individuals.

My environment is generally healthy and productive. I don’t work in health care.  Nor do I work with illness.  I have a regular job and I am involved in my community.  Certainly, I appreciate the great people that are involved in my life.

As I pay attention to when I am feeling stressed, I notice that some of our stress is individual and some is collective. We often react to situations in manner that is a little more dramatic than what others can appreciate.  I notice that we exert a great deal of energy reacting to things that are stressing us out, such as incessantly talking about it.  Often, we are too busy to step back and simply observe what we are reacting too. I notice sometimes we don’t admit that we are stressed but our actions certainly stress out those around us. And I know that I am blessed to be one of the healthy ones.

Logosynthesis uses the power of words to shift energy.

Logosynthesis is a new psychotherapeutic and coaching model that uses the power of words to shift our energy. By identifying and resolving the underlying stress triggers mental imagery, distressing feelings or symptoms fall away. Your words, the mental imagery and the symptoms are all energy.

The Logosynthesis Basic Procedure offers a precise, repeatable technique to shift the distressing mental imagery (trigger) using specific sentences, which:

  • Retrieve your energy bound in the trigger
  • Remove energy that doesn’t belong to you that is frozen in the trigger
  • Retrieve your energy that is frozen in your reactions to the trigger.

Using this procedure routinely, you can identify and resolve your mental imager in the form of unique memories, beliefs and fantasies. One issue at a time for immediate and lasting relief.

Get started now to use Logosynthesis when feeling stressed.

Check out these resources to get you started. You can also watch the guided video below to experience what can shift. Firstly, grab a glass of water and find a quiet, uninterrupted place. Allow at least 30 minutes so that you are not rushed. And then, simply follow my guidance on the video. Energy shifts can feel subtle or intense, so take some time to notice what shifts over the next few days and weeks. Enjoy!