Comparing CBT and Logosynthesis: A client’s perspective

“ It’s not just our heads. Our body is connected to our head. We are a whole person: mind, body and spirit. “   Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Logosynthesis are used to support healing and personal growth. Comparing CBT and Logosynthesis offers the opportunity to identify the benefits of a new therapeutic and coaching model. When it comes to addressing mental health challenges, there are many therapeutic and coaching approaches available. It can be difficult to choose the ‘best’ approach for … Read More

Global Health. Individual Wellbeing.

We aspire to care for others. Global health. Individual wellbeing. We are born into this world with aspirations to make it a better place for all. We care about the kid next door and the family halfway around the globe. We want everyone to be happy and healthy. Our career aspirations often involve the caring and healing professions. We want to take away pain and suffering for all. We have the capacity to love and we want to love everyone. … Read More

A spiritual perspective on mental illness.

I am curious: I am curious about the role of spirit in mental illness. The Mayo Clinic website offers that ‘Mental illness refers to a wide range of mental health conditions — disorders that affect your mood, thinking and behaviour.’ It basically relates to anything that does not have a physical cause. We know health captures body, mind and spirit. Spirit is energy, emotions and feelings. Are we combining both mental and spiritual aspects of health under the topic of mental illness? If … Read More

Feeling Stressed? Logosynthesis can help.

Feeling stressed is common in everyday life. Given the demands and responsibilities of everyday life, feeling stressed is normal. In my daily routines, I get stressed and I also interact with a lot of stressed individuals. My environment is generally healthy and productive. I don’t work in health care.  Nor do I work with illness.  I have a regular job and I am involved in my community.  Certainly, I appreciate the great people that are involved in my life. As I pay attention … Read More