Logogsynthesis TheHealthyLivingPlan

Create in the present, not react to your past.

Why do I believe that Logosynthesis can benefit everyone?

We can all benefit from having our energy available to create in the present rather than react to our past. I believe Logosynthesis is a unique approach to health and wellness because it recognizes our Essence (life energy) from a creative perspective and it guides us to identify and dissolve our unique emotional imprints that trigger us to react to our past. Most stress management techniques provide us with coping skills to manage our stress response. This technique works by dissolving the emotional imprints that triggers the stress response.  Rather than being requiring energy to manage our stress, our energy will be available for more creative purposes.

If you feel this doesn’t apply to you, simply observe reactions around any ‘should’ talk. Our stress is often triggered when things don’t happen as we believe they should. Beliefs about how things should happen are formed throughout our life. Events that occur in early childhood or that are highly emotional generating the strongest beliefs and thus, the strongest stress response. The nature of a belief misleads us to think that it’s not us that needs to change so we can’t understand why we would want to let go of our beliefs. Our strong reactions are not always beneficial. An interesting shift in perspective!

I encourage you to be curious and explore what can shift for you personally.