Creative vs. reactive – at work.

We all react to everyday life events. Some reactions are beneficial to our success and others hold us back from achieving our goals. However I have come to recognize that even the reactions that are beneficial to an individual’s success can be damaging to the team. And reactions that are beneficial to the team, may hold an individual back. As leaders, parents and people of influence, what is needed to get the job done may be clear. The energy bound in getting the results may derail everyone in the process.

I have personal experience with both ends of this relationship – as the person in control and as the subordinate. I am increasingly aware of the impact of reactions in these environments.

From my work leading volunteer organizations, I have come to appreciate that the best results are realized when individuals are allowed to contribute within their means and in areas that are important to them personally. I am not discounting the need for everyone to competently perform their role, however the group thrives when there is a space for individual expression and accomplishment. Results appear to flow when people are allowed to focus on creative energy rather than react from fear.

With Logosynthesis, I have a tool to help work through my reactions. I still hold the belief on how things should be done but my energy is more available to make positive change. Believe me, there are still things I react to but I am now able to recognize that I am simply reacting to triggers and I have a tool to help let go of these damaging, reactive patterns.