Igniting spirit!

My summer has been much like any other. Great trips to visit family, connecting with friends, watching my daughters’ soccer games, playing catch up at work and enjoying quiet moments by the lake. This year, however, I have experienced it through a different lens. I have become more aware of the energy I bring to these experiences. I take time to note my less-than-desirable reactions and to release the energy bound in my beliefs that fuel my responses. I feel less stressed and less reactive to cause stress for others. It continues to be a work in progress but it continues to intrigue me.

So what? Although I appreciate the benefits, I have come to realize the challenges of helping others understand it. I recognize that it is very difficult to appreciate the benefit of letting go of something that I strongly believe to be right. It is hard to grasp that I have work to do when I know that it is not me, but others, who have to change. I have come to acknowledge both the power of our beliefs and the subtly letting go of the energy, for myself and for those around me. I continue to be fascinated with what I can’t see – my spirit.

There is a consensus that health encompasses body, mind and spirit. Yet in the realm of public health, there is no mention of spirit. Spirit is energy and yet spirit gets intertwined with religion. While religion brings to mind politics and power, the premise of coming together as a community to pray and to help others is the basis for a healthy lifestyle and vibrant community. This is what ignites my spirit!

I believe my work as an individual and as a leader is to raise my awareness of my reactions.  Through Logosynthesis®, I can begin to let go of these frozen patterns and create space to be open to the power of spirit! I am committed to working with others to ignite spirit in my communities!